Freshsales All Features Sales Analytics

Decipher data effortlessly with visual reports and dashboards

With Freshsales robust analytics functionality, make data-driven decisions effortlessly, and improve your sales teams’ success rate. Right from monitoring leads’ website behavior to gauging the success of your marketing campaigns, deal insights, sales activities, etc., stay on top of your teams’ performance with visual reports and dashboards. Loaded with ready-to-use report templates, creating a sales report has never been simpler.

Identify campaigns/ teams/salespersons that bring in revenue

Pull out revenue metrics from your sales CRM by source, salesperson, territory, and more, with revenue analytics. Pinpoint the campaigns that work and the ones that don’t. Identify star performers on your team with the sales cycle and velocity reports; see which territories are leading sales.

Track sales activities that lead to winning deals

Use sales activity reports to cut through the noise and figure out exactly how your salespeople are approaching their deals. Analyze the different sales activities and obtain a holistic view of your team performance. Group and filter sales activities, generate graphs and add them to your dashboard for easy access.

Understand sales cycles better

With sales velocity reports, find out the time your team takes to convert sales qualified leads into paying customers. Understand the stages where your salespeople might be stuck in, and identify roadblocks to increase conversions.

Analyze sales trends across your organization

Use the sales reports to compare your efforts month on month. Make use of these numbers to make forecasts like predicting the expected close date for deals. Gain insights provided by our AI-powered CRM, to analyze sales activities and trends over the past week/month.

Gain a holistic view of your business performance

Know your business metrics inside out, and stay on top of your sales and marketing activities. With cross-module reporting in Freshsales, understand the impact of marketing campaigns on your sales performance. You can also create reports to gauge the success of individual/team’s achievements with respect to the sales goals that have been set for them.

Use customizable dashboards and reports to

make data-driven decisions

Use sales dashboards and lead generation dashboards to keep track of a set of reports that you use often. Customize dashboards and share them with your salespeople, internal teams, and decision-makers. On a granular level, you can also modify default sales reports—or build your custom reports on leads, contacts, accounts, and opportunities. Use the insights from your CRM account to adjust course and grow your revenue.

Set a simple or advanced logic
Summary or matrix reports
Create graphical charts

Leverage sales data with intelligent reports

Predict sales performance

With forecast reports, easily envision your teams’ performance by analyzing deal probability stages, quota achievements, and more.

Identify high-performing territories 

Know which regions are meeting targets and which ones have potential business opportunities.

Gain better insights into deals

With pipeline reports, track the progress of each deal. Identify bottlenecks and work towards addressing them.

Preview your data

Easily verify data before creating reports and have priority reports delivered to your inbox periodically. Schedule, share, and export data right from your CRM without any complications.

Manage teams’ performance

Add your sales reps’ to the CRM, organize them into teams, and generate individual and team reports’ to track their achievements.

Connect your tools

Bring external data into your CRM, or export them to other sales tools that you use with open API and different integrations.