Put your sales team on the fast lane to your leads, with Freshsales Smartforms

Imagine your website is a hallway. And your signup form is the door through which your leads walk through.

Once they walk through that door, you want your salespeople to connect with them right away.

Sounds like a simple need, right?

But businesses can’t seem to make that instant connect.

One way of connecting faster is to follow up with a new lead immediately after they fill out your web form.

But in the first place, businesses need to jump through hoops just to sync their web form with their CRM—and CRMs are the guilty party here:

  • You discard your existing signup form and create one with the CRM. So it becomes easy for the CRM folks to do the hooking up.
  • Or you get software development kits (SDKs) from the CRM folks. In other words, you’re expected to have developers by your side and wade through a maze of codes.

When you have one signup form doing the job for you, you don’t want to create another just because a CRM requires you to. Plus if you’re a small business working with limited resources, investing in developers to sync a web form is just too much of an ask.

So, crunch question: Is there no simple way to direct leads from your website to your CRM? Using a form you already have?

Introducing Smartforms (earlier called Autotrack)

Smartforms is a new feature in Freshsales CRM. It’s a universal code that automates the signup process. When a website visitor fills out your form, they’ll automatically pop up as a new lead in the CRM.

But what makes your web form smarter after using our code?

Apart from the form details captured in the CRM, your form becomes a catalyst for Freshsales to capture additional, significant details about your new lead—like their activity on your website and their social media profiles—before presenting these details in the CRM.

Under your lead’s profile, in a single screen.

Table showing differences between traditional web-to-lead and Freshsales Smartforms

 6 ways in which Smartforms can benefit your business

  • Find new web leads in your CRM in real time
  • Connect with leads quicker
  • Wish manual data entry goodbye
  • Focus on lead generation and nurturing—not on how to integrate web form with CRM
  • Ensure leads / leads’ data are not lost between website and CRM
  • Get a 360° view of your lead in seconds

For a visual idea of how the 360° view works, let’s look at Smartforms in action.

How Smartforms plays out in real time—a use case

You’ve taken the code from Freshsales, put it on your website, and you’re waiting for your next lead.

Enter James, a visitor to your website.

Use case describing how new lead James is captured in Freshsales, with web form details, social profiles, website activity and lead score

We built Smartforms with one aim: any website, any form, one code. Considering how other CRMs work right now, we believe Smartforms will transform the way your salespeople connect with their leads.

Because when your web form intelligently captures all your leads, your salespeople can just focus on creating lasting relationships in super-quick time.

Seize those 5 minutes today!

To set up Smartforms on your website, check out this walkthrough. If you have any questions,  we’re up and waiting at support@freshsales.io.

If you’re discovering Freshsales through this blog, sign up for a 21-day free CRM trial, play with our product, and discover us a little more 🙂 Smartforms is part of the Estate and Forest pricing plans, our all-inclusive plan you get for free when you sign up.

Happy selling!

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