Freshmarketer All Features Conversion Rate Optimization Session Replay

What is a Session Replay?

Session replay is a video-like replica of your visitor’s journey on your website and application. They are an indispensable tool in your optimization stack and help boost conversion rates. With Freshmarketer’s Session Replays, visualize what anonymous visitors experience on your website/application, record their interactions like clicks, taps, keystrokes, and scrolls, in real-time, fix underlying issues, and provide delightful experiences.


Gain more context on audience behavior and increase conversions

Identify conversion barriers and unlock revenue

With Session Replay in Freshmarketer, track issues that impact website conversions. Monitor visitor’s clicks, taps, scrolls, media actions, and more, on your site captured as anonymous sessions. Prioritize website issues like page loading time, broken web elements, etc., and provide seamless customer experiences.

Get targeted audience insights

Target and record sessions of your visitors based on multiple audience segments and avoid spamming your sessions. Choose from audience segments or create your own with custom javascript and focus on the segments that yield maximum conversions.

Be privacy compliant

Gain insights on visitor behavior while being mindful of your audience’s privacy. Freshmarketer’s Session Replay automatically masks sensitive information on your web pages like credit card details and passwords from being recorded and displayed in the session. With the ability to mask user-defined sensitive fields, capture only the information you want, and delight your audience.

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