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What is Split Testing?

Split Testing or Split URL Testing is a website optimization process to test different variations of your website hosted on multiple URLs. This test takes two or more variants of a web page and divides your website traffic between them. It helps identify the best-performing variation based on your conversion goals. With Freshworks CRM, easily run Split Tests on multiple high-traffic web pages, discover the ones that perform well, and increase conversions.

Multiple URLs. Multiple Variations. One Winner.

Simplify testing in groups with Regex Targeting

Keep experimenting on your web pages to identify the variations that convert better. Quickly test multiple pages with the same URL structure, or under the same folder, with a Simplified Regex targeting option. Regex helps define a search pattern for the URLs you want to test and makes your job simpler.

Redirect traffic without affecting existing campaigns

Redirect traffic to your variation pages by keeping your query tags intact. Query tags, in general, contain information on the campaign, medium, etc., through which the visitor has landed on your web page. With Freshworks CRM, you can easily redirect visitors from your original page to variation. This ensures that you identify the source of the traffic accurately.

Use Integrated Heatmaps for your Split Tests

Heatmaps come along for every variation of Split URL Test in Freshworks CRM. Fuel up the conversion data with visualizations of popular hotspots on the multiple variation pages, analyze visitor behavior, fix broken elements, and improve your experiment’s efficacy.

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