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What are Web Forms?

Web Forms are your websites’ gateways to revenue, where visitors turn into valuable leads. It is through web forms that leads are captured and sent to the CRM for further nurturing. Use Classic Forms to create and customize code-free web forms from scratch, according to your business requirements and embed them within your website or emails to capture high-intent leads.  With Smart Forms, connect your existing web form with Freshsales to ensure leads are automatically captured in the CRM.

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Customize Web Forms and deploy them swiftly

Connect your existing website forms to Freshsales or create and customize one from scratch. Gain a 360° view of your leads including their website interaction and behavior, and start optimizing your sales activities without any developer effort. 

Design web forms from scratch

Use Classic Forms to effortlessly create, customize, and deploy forms on high-converting  pages like sign-up, contact us, etc., without complex coding. Add fields that capture leads’ information for better lead qualification.Track their website behavior, contextually engage with them, and start closing deals.

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Easily capture leads from existing forms

Capture leads from your existing website forms with Smart Forms and store them in your Freshsales account. Get to know them better with auto-populated information about your leads’ website behavior, social media profiles, etc., and start engaging with them further.

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Getting started with Web Forms

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Step 1

Select Classic Form. And click on Create and view form

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Step 2

Fill in the details and customize your form.

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Step 3

For Smart Forms, copy the code snippet. Place the code on the <header> or <footer> tag of your website’s HTML code

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Automate data collection and take back your time

With Web Forms, adopt an accurate and error-free way to collect data and do away with haphazard manual data entry. Track multiple website forms, automatically update your CRM and enable salespeople to focus on selling.

Pursue interested leads

Capture leads directly from your website’s contact forms and start successful buyer-seller relationships.

Track website sign-ups

Create and track frictionless sign-up forms for your business.

Build blog subscription forms

Design subscription forms for blogs and allow your visitors to slice and dice content according to their preferences.

Personalize replies to consultations

Request forms are great lead conversion tools filled with low-barrier questions, which salespeople can track and send personalized replies to.

Manage event registrations

Hosting an event? Make your registration forms as exciting and eye-catching as your events by customizing them.

Nurture website leads

Craft different nurture buckets and onboarding strategies using Sales Sequences by tracking leads that have signed up for gated content on your website.