G2 Names Freshsales a Leader in the SMB CRM Category

G2, the world’s leading software review platform, names Freshsales as a leader in the SMB CRM category.

Freshsales CRM has: 

  • Over 750 reviews from users, out of which 550 are from our SMB user-base.
  • Customer satisfaction of over 90%, with an average overall rating of 4.7/5.

Why did G2 select us?

Besides being an overall leader in the SMB category, Freshsales stands out in other crucial areas that are important to users as well, such as:

  • Ease of implementation: Just 15 days to implement, with 0% third-party support required while other popular ones in the market take at least a month or more to implement with a little third-party support required.
  • Return on investment (ROI): Users reported that the payback period is 7 months while other solutions in the market take over a year!
  • Net promoter score (NPS): Based on user experience, 94% of users are likely to recommend the product, 97% feel it is going in the right direction, among other factors, giving Freshsales CRM a whopping 85 on the NPS scale. Other established CRM software in the market has underwhelming NPS scores like 42 and 49.

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Freshsales is the best CRM for small business — Here’s why:

User-friendly first


With basically no technical expertise required, Freshsales makes it easy for users to start selling without spending a hefty amount of time learning or training to use the product.

Some standout-features that make Freshsales user-friendly starts with its simple and clean UI. Users can easily migrate from other CRM solutions and import their data without hassle.

Users can also access the customer’s profile and past interactions with your company from a single screen.

Powerful customization ability to make the CRM your own


Not all businesses are alike. This is why Freshsales provides users with a multitude of customization and integration options that includes layout customization, modules, sales activities, reports, dashboards and more.

Freshsales also comes with native integrations like Freshdesk, Docusign, Magento, and Xero, along with a dedicated marketplace to select your favorite applications to integrate with the CRM.

Stay organized and on top of tasks, with no hassle


Freshsales helps you use the CRM to stay organized and be on top of tasks by helping you set up personalized automated sales sequences, track its effectiveness and follow up with prospects based on their behavior. Additionally, Freshsales allows you to create tasks and schedule appointments to keep track of your sales activities. The email and phone capabilities further make Freshsales a powerhouse.

Freshsales comes loaded with just the right amount of features, at a pocket-friendly price, for your small business.

Regardless of the size of your business, your small business needs the right CRM to craft better relationships with your customers, acquire new ones and accelerate your business.

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