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What can Freshworks CRM do for law firms?

Everything from intake to settlement.


Capture everything

Legal, being a data-sensitive industry, it is essential to securely record every single interaction you have with your prospects and clients. And it is even better when all that information is curated in a single page.


Law firm contact management

360° view of clients: 

Freshworks legal CRM gives you a complete picture of your clients and prospects in a simplified manner by unifying all the records in one place—the 360° page.


Freshworks CRM comes with a simple form builder for your website. And no, you don’t need a techie to set it up for you. All you need to do is create web forms according to your needs and easily add them to your website.

Easy data migration

Whether you are using a CRM for the first time or giving it another shot, you can migrate all your data into Freshworks CRM effortlessly from spreadsheets or other CRMs.

Manage things end to end

In law, no two cases are the same. Even if they are similar, the details vary to a great extent. With Freshworks CRM case management tool, you can customize and capture everything related to a case without being restricted to standard fields. 


Law Firm Freshworks CRM Case Management

Know your cases inside out

Create cases in your pipeline and link them to the related clients, emails, tasks, appointments, notes, and everything around it. Organize them across stages, and effectively manage them all in one place.

Stay on top of your deals 

While you manage your ongoing cases on one side, you also need to maintain a steady line of prospective cases on the other, to stay in business. Freshworks CRM deal management allows you to actively track the status of each deal, the probability of closure, and everything related to it.

Get more done together 

While working on a case, all the information is in the CRM, and when you have to collaborate with other lawyers on the case, there’s no easy way to converse with them without tons of copy-pasting. 

They might get all the context from Freshworks CRM but none of the internal context. With the Freshconnect integration, you can collaborate on cases with other teams and lawyers’ cases without having to leave the CRM.

Engage with more context 

Your clients and prospects seek your legal help and will reach out to you by any means possible—phone, emails, web forms, chat, SMS. Amidst your busy schedule, you not just have to juggle between your phone and computer, but the information is also scattered across different tools. Finding key messages and case references instantly is a struggle.  

But not with Freshworks CRM. All your recent conversations are stitched together in one place. Take a look below!


Law Firm Recent Activities Freshworks CRM

Call in a click

Freshworks CRM comes with a built-in phone and is just a click away in your CRM system. All your phone conversations can be recorded and made available along with the other recent interactions. You can also manually log calls that are dialed outside the software.

Stay on top of your emails

Engage with clients and prospects from within Freshworks CRM by integrating it with your email client. This integration syncs your inbox with Freshworks CRM. So, emails are no longer scattered, and you can view it directly from within Freshworks CRM alongside the client information, or in the Freshworks CRM inbox. 

You can also create personalized email templates that you can share with your team, send bulk emails in a click, and schedule emails to contacts in different time zones.

Never miss a meeting

While you are in and out of court sessions, it is easy to lose track of other important meetings. The 2-way sync with Freshworks CRM also syncs your calendar. Now you can set up meetings from within Freshworks CRM, get automatic reminders of upcoming meetings, and guess what? These meetings are also available alongside your client details.

Automate your follow-ups

The hard part of prospecting for new clients is getting a response from them. That’s why it is crucial to strategize an email sequence. With sales sequence in Freshworks CRM, you can create, send, and track the perfect outreach.

Never miss a beat

With the track option enabled for emails, you get real-time updates when your recipients open your email or click on the resources you had shared.

Power your marketing

Attract more prospects using Freshmarketer. Prospects who respond from a campaign in Freshmarketer are automatically added to Freshworks CRM. And with greater visibility into the messaging that your prospects are subjected to, craft personalized cadences and increase your chances of conversion.

Say goodbye to the stacks of files

To win cases, information is key. And traditionally, this information is strewn across your desk—excel sheets contain client data, notes with case-related insights, stacks of folders and files with crucial details spread all over your office. And when you need to find a key piece of information or even a quick update on a case, you have to read multiple files to find what you are looking for.

Freshworks CRM has a file manager built in that records and manages all the files related to a client in one place. So the files you need are just a click away inside your CRM tool. You can

  • Upload new files
  • View the list of files linked to a client, case, or deal
  • Share the file with your client or team
  • Sort them based on the file name or creation date-time.

Integrate with e-signing applications from our marketplace to send, sign, and manage your documents, paperless.


File Management Law firm Freshworks CRM

Stay secure

As a law firm, you garner highly sensitive and confidential data from your clients. And while you work with that data, let us take care of its safety. Products at Freshworks are built with security at heart to secure your data and provide high resilience.


Security Law firm

Control who sees what

Role-based access allows you to restrict data access based on the hierarchy of your employees.

Team level access 

With Territories in Freshworks CRM, you can restrict data access based on offices in different cities or teams working in different cases.

Audit logs

Track any changes made in the CRM and narrow it down to the name, date-time, and the IP address from which the changes were made.

Gain actionable insights

You will never know the progress of your law practice without crunching solid numbers. The advanced reporting in Freshworks CRM empowers you to tailor reports for your law firm’s functionality and make crucial business decisions based on actual facts and insights. 


Reports Law firm

Customize reports

Tailor reports for your law firm’s functionality. Get visibility into the hours logged and performance of your advocates and paralegals, your firm’s growth, and a lot more.

Curate Dashboards

Curate reports on the dashboard and get an instant understanding of the metrics you care about most.

Get it delivered to your inbox

Create and export reports as a CSV or PDF file, share it with your team, and even schedule it to be sent to your inbox at regular intervals.

Be on the Go

As an attorney, your job requires multiple visits to the court, meeting different people regarding your cases, and not to mention keeping up with your prospects. You cannot be tied to your desk, and most importantly, you cannot afford to wait until you get back to the office to update all the details in your CRM. 

With Freshworks CRM mobile app, you can

  • Stay up to date with real-time push notifications
  • Check-in at meetings to confirm your presence and keep your team in the loop
  • Add voice notes, and create tasks and appointments
  • Update deal and case status instantly
  • Book an Uber to your meetings from within the app.



Reduce manual and redundant tasks

Time is a law firm’s most precious asset. Between following up with prospects and working on your current cases, you also have to take care of those important, but mundane tasks. To make it worse, you may forget to do one of those tasks. But with Freshworks CRM, you can

  • Set up follow-up sequences
  • Create workflows that automatically send welcome emails, raise invoices, move from won deals from the deal pipeline to case pipeline, etc.
  • Send reminders about upcoming court sessions and necessary documents to your clients.


Automation law firm

What more can Freshworks CRM do?

Tag contacts

Create unique labels and tags for your clarity. Once you tag a contact, run a search, and quickly populate everyone with a specific tag. 

Notes and tasks

All of your notes, tasks, and appointments related to prospects and clients appear along with the other primary information.

Send instant messages

SMS is faster than an email and yet less intrusive than a phone call. Freshworks CRM allows you to SMS your prospects and clients from within the CRM.