Different teams, one voice, happier customers

If your sales and support teams work in silos, it’s time to rethink that approach.

Because working in silos creates different databases about the same customer. This means sales doesn’t know how support has interacted with the customer, and vice versa. Result? A vicious cycle of communication gaps, clueless teams, and disgruntled customers.

Take a moment to think about this: both sales and support work with the same prospects-turned-customers. Why should they work in silos when they can stay in sync?

By “staying in sync”, we mean sharing information and being visible to each other. By picking up where the other leaves off, so the customer hears a single, clear voice from your business.

Integrating Freshworks CRM with Freshdesk lets you take charge of two important elements in your business: context and consistency. With this integration, you can

So when you bring sales and support together, you don’t just break down silos and unite two teams. You take a crucial step towards forging solid relationships with your customers.

4 benefits of the Freshworks CRM-Freshdesk integration

Bring stability to sales and support

It’s common—sales has one list of leads and contacts, while support pulls up a whole different list of customers! Matching these lists takes more time than actually resolving customer queries. Do away with the inconsistency by syncing lead/contact fields in Freshworks CRM with customer fields in Freshdesk, and vice versa. This 2-way sync extends beyond standard fields (like name and address) and includes custom fields. Give your sales and support teams the confidence of always looking at a consolidated list of customers and their updated data.

Understand customers quicker

In Freshworks CRM, every lead’s/contact’s profile has a “Recent Tickets” section. It displays every ticket raised by your prospect, with the most recent ticket on top. Reps can also create tickets from the sales CRM and assign it to support agents. In Freshdesk, every ticket is accompanied by a brief bio of the customer—deal size, whether they’re a lead/contact in Freshworks CRM, and what stage of the funnel they’re in. This shared information gives your reps and support agents a single-pane view into every customer’s journey. Customers don’t need to repeat basic details and spend time explaining their query; sales and support have all the context they need in one screen.

Engage in relevant conversations with your customers

The next time your reps send an email or make a call, help them personalize the conversation. By looking at the support side of your business, your reps can cut to the chase and create meaningful dialogue with your customers. Selling a higher version of your product/service, offering tips on new features—the possibilities are endless.

Keep your data in one ecosystem

Both Freshworks CRM and Freshdesk are products from the Freshworks suite of business software. This means you don’t have to worry about transferring data across multiple companies, different servers and varied security protocols.

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