Introducing the Xero integration in Freshworks CRM

As businesses grow, the transparency between the sales teams and the accounting teams tends to diminish. Sales teams lose track of invoice updates; the accounting teams find it difficult to keep the sales teams updated every time a payment is made. This “lack of transparency” was beginning to grow for our customers as well. It made sense for us to prioritize and build an integration with Xero to ensure that sales folks tackle this problem without having to leave Freshworks CRM.
accessing xero invoices in Freshworks CRM


The Xero integration helps you to:

1. View Invoices within Freshworks CRM:

View all the open and paid invoices of a contact (or an entire account) under the Xero integration widget. The following information is also available:
– Invoice number, invoice date, balance, total and status
– Payments made against each invoice
Tip #1: Hover over the link to view Payment date and Amount
Tip #2: Click on the invoice number to view directly in Xero

xero integration paid invoices with payment information

2. Search your Xero invoice without leaving Freshworks CRM

Search for a particular invoice using its invoice ID. You can also filter invoices between certain date ranges to get a quick history of invoices associated with the customer.
xero integration search and filter invoice

3. Pin invoices for easy access

Pin important invoices to the top of your view. When you are awaiting a payment against an overdue invoice, you can also pin it to your contact in Freshworks CRM so you can quickly access it with the Pinned Invoice filter.

xero integration pin invoices

4. Get a summary of receivables for your contacts, accounts, and deals

Get a summary of the total outstanding balances in Xero for each account or deal in Freshworks CRM. You can also view the total amount paid by all contacts of that account. Click the Paid and Unpaid invoice filters to dig further into each invoice under these filters.

xero integration invoice summary

The integration is available on all paid plans and is currently in beta. To enable this integration, please reach out to Click here to learn more about how to set up the integration in your Freshworks CRM account. Take it for a spin and let us know your thoughts.
Happy Selling!