Introducing the Zoom Integration for Freshworks CRM

When a survey was conducted in 2019 about working from home, about 30% of respondents [source: owl labs] said they worked from home partly or full-time and used virtual conferencing. Back then remote working was hailed as the future – albeit in the distant future (you really couldn’t blame them for getting their predictions wrong)[source: buffer].

Fast forward a year and a half, remote working is the norm and a sizable chunk of sales teams operate from their home offices. Gone are the days of in-person meetings and business luncheons. Today sales teams rely on video conferencing options extensively to connect with their leads and customers.
And, if there’s one tool that has helped accelerate this shift in trend, it is Zoom.

And that’s why we at Freshworks are happy to bring to you the Zoom integration for Freshworks CRM.

Benefits of the Zoom integration

The Zoom integration brings with it a lot of benefits:

  • 2-way Sync Zoom meetings scheduled between calendar and CRM
    Any Zoom meeting that is added to your calendar is synced real-time with Freshworks CRM and vice versa. You can find your scheduled meetings  on the Activities Dashboard and under the meetings tab on related records. 
  • Get notified of new meetings
    When a new meeting is scheduled, you will receive a notification. You will also receive a notification 15 minutes before the scheduled start of a meeting on both the mobile app and in the notifications section. Similarly, your prospects and customers will be notified via email. They can join the meeting simply by clicking the join button. 
  • Access scheduled meetings easily and plan for your day
    All scheduled meetings can be viewed in one of three places– the Contact Details page, Activities Dashboard, and Activity Timeline. This allows you to plan your day accordingly. 
  • Get context about participants before you join a meeting
    The details page helps you get 360’ context about your contact. This allows you to learn about your contactongoing email communications, notes, previous conversations, sales activities and more. This allows you to get up to speed before you enter the meeting. Click the Join meeting button and start a meeting without leaving the CRM. 
  • Works right out of the box
    The Zoom integration works immediately and requires very minimal effort to set up. There is no need for extensive developer assistance to get your favourite CRM and favourite video conferencing solution to connect with one another. 
  • An easy to use solution for remote sales teams
    The zoom integration offers an elegant and easy to use video conferencing option that simplifies communication. Scheduling a video call–be it for an internal huddle, or with the entire org–is now reduced to a couple of steps. 
  • Explore more opportunities to nurture leads and customers
    With the integration, scheduling a conference with your prospects is now just a couple of clicks away. This takes away all the effort required to schedule a meeting with leads and customers.

 So, go ahead, integrate Zoom with your Freshworks CRM account and start scheduling meetings with ease.