Freshmarketer All Features Customer Journeys

What are Journeys?

Journeys are workflows that automate email communication with your audience and help you deliver personalized engagement throughout their lifecycle. You can use Journeys to group your audience based on their behavior and interactions like web page visits, email responses, etc., automate your email marketing, and push data to other solutions in your technology stack.



Automate your marketing initiatives with Journeys

Whether your goal is to convert prospects into customers or engage with existing ones, Journeys make your work easier. 

Setup automated campaigns in a jiffy

Easily set up automations with customizable email templates, campaign triggers, actions, etc., to craft well-timed journeys for your audience. Use our intuitive drag-and-drop builder to craft even the most complex of journeys, with ease.

Schedule Journeys to send at the optimal time

With the Journey Scheduler, plan your customer journeys to set off at the right time, for instance, anniversary campaigns, payment reminders, etc. Add delays in communication wherever necessary to ensure your customers are not overwhelmed by many emails.

Review Journey performance to create engaging campaigns

View the number of contacts at every step of the journey at any time. Use Journey Versioning to tweak your journeys based on your observations, or segment your contacts based on where they are on their lifecycle. Easily pause, edit, or stop your journeys based on your audience’s response.

Measure your marketing efforts with Journey metrics

Drill deeper into your Journey performance from overview to trends and individual email performance. Export, create and share custom reports to help you understand the true impact of your marketing efforts.

journey analytics

Align marketing and sales goals

Bring your sales and marketing teams together by providing more visibility into each other’s activities. Get a 360°view of your customers' journey with activity timelines. Contextually engage with your customers, and delight them with a unified experience.

activity timeline

Get your work done faster with smart automation

Deliver timely and targeted emails that your audience can relate to and improve your conversions

Set up a welcome series

Create a well-thought-out welcome campaign for your new contacts.

Create nurture campaigns 

Nurture your contacts based on their behavior like web page visits, downloads, etc., and send targeted emails that improve conversions.

Send re-engagement campaigns

Awaken your idle contacts with automated campaigns. Deliver relevant offers, and add value to drive engagement.

Run CSAT surveys

Gauge your customer satisfaction levels with automated campaigns that collect customer information. Set it up once and keep the responses coming.

Configure internal notifications

Quickly notify your team about important conversion events like a quote request, payment failure, etc., respond promptly, and improve customer experience.

Trigger upsell campaigns 

Automatically run targeted campaigns based on past purchases, to upgrade or upsell your current services.

Set up autoresponders

Validate customer queries on your website by setting up autoresponders on important website forms like contact us, demo request, etc., to keep the conversations running.

Eliminate cart abandonment

Trigger well-timed emails that remind users to complete their purchase(s). Offer them discounts and motivate them to complete the transaction.

Set purchase reminders

Schedule timely alerts for your customers at the end of the billing cycle to renew their subscription or other purchases. 

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