Tailor your CRM as per your requirements

Customize the information you want to see in your account

Contact Lifecycle Stages

Capture the different stages of your contact’s journey with your business—from lead to a customer.

Learn more about Contact Lifecycle Stages

Custom Fields

Create custom fields that allow you to capture more details and get better insight into your contact.

Custom Modules

Create new modules unique to your business process and capture information extensively.

Custom Domains

Set up unique email domains to build domain authority and improve email delivery.

Dedicated IP Address

Route your email through a dedicated IP address to improve email deliverability.

Learn more about Email Deliverability

Landing Pages

Create responsive landing pages from scratch and improve website experiences.

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Engage at every stage of the journey

Personalize experiences across channels and stay connected.

Email Builder

Design well-crafted emails using the drag-and-drop editor. Create responsive emails from scratch without any prior HTML experience.

Email Campaigns

Compose your email and send it to a large list of subscribers in a single click. Send it to a select audience using lists and segments.

Learn more about Email Campaigns

Subscriber Preference Center

Let your subscribers choose their email preferences and opt for the type of emails they want to receive from you.

Web Forms

Enable website visitors to reach out to your business with web forms and generate quality leads.

Learn more about Web Forms

Apple Business Chat

Interact with customers, respond to questions, and resolve issues within the Apple ecosystem using the Apple Business Chat.

Facebook Chat

Integrate with Facebook Chat and respond to queries from within the CRM.


Engage with customers directly from the CRM and deliver a personalized experience.

Triggered Messages

Keep your website visitors engaged and nudge them to conversion by triggering relevant messages.

Learn more about Triggered Messages

In-app Messages

Engage active users on your application and nudge them to complete actions for a better in-app experience.


Give instant, precise answers to commonly asked customer questions, thereby enabling speedy resolutions and freeing up your team’s workload.

Learn more about Chatbots


Streamline your processes to save time

Deliver a seamless experience with automation features

Website Tracking

Track audience interaction with your website. See which page(s) your contact is visiting and automate journeys.

Transactional Emails

Configure business-critical non-marketing emails that are triggered by user actions such as activation and purchase completion using transactional emails.

Predictive Contact Scoring

Freshmarketer identifies your contacts' intent based on their behavior and assigns scores. Use the scores to identify high intent contacts

Journey Builder

Use the intuitive drag-and-drop builder to build targeted campaigns using using triggers, actions, controls, and delays.

Learn more about Journey Builder

Custom Flows

Set up bots that initiate conversations with web page visitors, engage them with follow up questions, and nudge them to book meetings.

Auto-resolve Chats 

Close conversations with customers who have stopped interacting by setting relevant conditions.


Assign incoming messages to agents based on their skill level and set conversation limits for individual users based on their availability.


Get to know your contacts better

Gain a deeper understanding of your contacts with a 360° view of their behavior.

Activity Timeline

Get a chronological timeline of each contacts’ activity, get more context, and close deals faster.

Marketing Lists

Create marketing lists based on your campaign requirements and effortlessly group your contacts based on various conditions.


Create smart segments and target your audience better. Segment your contacts based on demography, geography, behavior, and more.

Learn more about Segmentation

Event Tracking 

Track customer activity on your website and capture important milestones in the customer journey.

Learn more about Event Tracking

Auto-profile Enrichment

Fetch social and public information of your contacts and accounts by adding their email addresses.

Offline Event Tracking

Track offline touchpoints such as conferences and seminars, and segment your contacts to engage with them effectively.


Keep track of your marketing performance

Transform data into actionable reports and dashboards.

Standard Reports

Get curated reports out of the box, and set up a dashboard to track key performance metrics.

Email Campaign Metrics

Measure the success of your email campaign by tracking critical delivery and engagement metrics.

Email Campaign Report

Go beyond traditional email metrics and track email campaign performance with key marketing analytics.

Learn more about Email Campaign Reports


Personalize your website sections to capture the attention of your audience and experiment with different content to improve conversion.

Custom Reports and Dashboards

Configure customized reports and dashboards to periodically monitor your engagement and performance metrics.


Improve website conversions with real-time data

Leverage Conversion Rate Optimization to identify problems and improve website performance


Personalize your website sections to capture the attention of your audience and experiment with different content to improve conversion.

Learn more about Personalization

A/B Testing

Create multiple variants of the same web page, display it to different segments of website visitors simultaneously, and identify the version that performs better.

Learn more about A/B Testing


Set up Heatmaps to monitor web page clicks, track engagement level with different page sections, and optimize placement of page content accordingly.

Learn more about Heatmaps

Session Replay

Record website sessions of all visitors and replay them to understand how individual users interact with your webpage.

Learn more about Session Replay

Split Testing

Create different versions of webpages with elaborate variations to find the elements that work with visitors and fine-tune your website accordingly.

Learn more about Split Testing

Funnel Analysis

Create funnel reports that enable you to track visitor traffic and their journey through your webpages.

Learn more about Funnel Analysis

Form Analytics

Monitor how customers interact with your online form to identify areas of improvement and update them to improve signups.

Learn more about Form Analytics

Polls and Feedback

Gauge your customer’s opinion, collect crucial feedback, and set up poll triggers for crucial events in the customer journey.

Learn more about Polls and Feedback

Journey Analytics

Track key metrics to understand how your Journeys perform with customers and gauge the impact on your conversions.


Control who sees what

Control access to information, and assign roles and responsibilities.

Custom Roles

Take control over users’ access to the right data. Regulate access levels and permissions.

Field Permissions

Regulate access to sensitive fields. Choose whether a user can view or edit a field or or hide the field for the role.


Connect with your favorite tools and get work done faster

Freshmarketer is built to seamlessly operate alongside other popular business tools.

API Access

Integrate your account with third-party applications and connect to multiple data sources.


Scale with the Freshworks platform. Extend your experience by installing trusted applications with a single click.


Access the most popular apps on Zapier, create zaps, and equip yourself with more automation.


Track and collect customer data from several customer touch points and send it to Freshmarketer to capture all important activities of the customer journey.


Keep track of customer orders, manage them, and track their status from the details page of Freshmarketer.


Simplify lead generation with Typeform. Configure auto-sync with Typeform to capture every submission and bring them onboard as a lead.


Track and manage all your orders related to your customers from the details page of Freshmarketer.


Integrate the order database of your WooCommerce account with Freshmarketer to track status, and manage the orders from the details page.


Use the Asana Integration to be notified whenever a deal is created in Freshmarketer.


Set up the Trello Integration to automate notifications on important deal-related events such as deal creation, deal stage update, deal closure and so on.