Freshsales All Features Contact Management

Gain a 360° view of contacts and build stronger relationships


Get complete details about the contacts in your database — be it marketing contacts or sales leads. Devise strategies and run marketing campaigns that result in greater engagement and drive conversions. Arm your sales teams with sufficient intel to close deals faster with personalized engagement.

The Activity Timeline provides a chronological view of the customer's engagement with your business. View audience interactions like their website activities, email activities, and gain complete visibility into their engagement with your brand. Set Lifecycle Stages based on where they are in their journey — a prospect, marketing/sales qualified lead, customer, and more. Customize sub-stages based on your business process to map sales and marketing activities that accelerate conversions.


Improve sales productivity and win deals faster

Improve sales productivity and win deals faster

Surface your hottest leads

Intelligently rank your prospects based on their profile and engagement level using Predictive Contact Scoring.

Accelerate sales prospecting

Automatically enrich your contacts with their social and publicly listed information with Auto-Profile Enrichment.

Manage sales teams across geographies

Group your team(s) by geography, deal sizes, etc., and automatically assign leads to the right salesperson with Territory Management.

Be more productive

Use Appointments, Tasks, Notes and Files to collaborate with your team, set alerts and reminders, and do more.


Maximize your sales teams' efficiency

Track your contacts’ buying information and behavior in real-time, personalize your outreach, and improve conversion and win rates.

Convert emails to contacts

Forward sales emails from your inbox by sending them to your CRM’s custom email address, and automatically convert them into contacts(prospects) that you can follow up with.

Prioritize prospects 

With AI-based contact scoring, identify your hottest prospects based on their activities, previous engagement, send personalized outreach, and close deals faster.

Run successful campaigns 

Deliver personalized campaigns based on your contacts’ behavior and follow up on their responses from within the CRM. Engage with your prospects contextually, deliver value, and win more deals. 

Set up internal alerts

Set up alerts if your prospects have performed specific actions on your product/website, like sending a support ticket, visiting a pricing page, etc., and engage with them at the right time.

Provide unified experiences

With the Customer-for-Life Cloud, gain insights about the different marketing touchpoints your prospects experienced. Engage contextually and provide delightful experiences.