What is B2B?

B2B, short for business-to-business refers to companies that sell products or services primarily to other businesses, instead of consumers (which is B2C, business-to-consumer). Whomever it may be, they’re all customers who are demanding a better customer experience.

Why are B2B organizations looking for a CRM system?

In order to be successful, excellence in customer service begins at the start of every new sales conversation. Because B2B transactions are larger in value compared to B2C, B2B organizations are looking to improve the B2B customer experience by focusing on customer-centric sales strategies. From B2B lead generation to understanding the buyer journey, a sales CRM system helps maintain a reliable business database, streamline activities and focus on customer relationships.

What to look for in a B2B CRM?

Is it customizable for your business?

To be able to tailor the CRM to fit your unique business process, it is important to meet your needs. Because for B2Bs, one size CRM does not fit all.

Does it have automations?

Reduce manual errors of sales reps by picking a sales CRM that'll execute actions automatically based on customer values and behavior.

Can it integrate with business apps?

Find a CRM that smoothly integrates with your business apps so you can improve productivity by having all your apps work together in one place.

Meet Freshsales CRM— your ideal B2B CRM software

Freshsales CRM is a customizable B2B CRM to help you stay on top of your contacts, accounts, and deals. It automates your sales, integrates with several business apps and tracks all buyer touchpoints in one place. Freshsales CRM carries all important features to design and streamline your B2B sales process in order to help you maintain and build better relationships with your B2B customers.


4 Freshsales CRM features for B2B sales

Account management

For B2B, cross-selling and upselling are great opportunities to grow revenue. Freshsales CRM lets you know about every possibility to build your business on existing account relationships. Manage your customer accounts and hierarchy using the Accounts module in Freshsales CRM. View the complete picture of an account from related contacts to open and closed deals. One of the valued benefits to B2Bs is centralizing communications in one place. In Accounts, you can see all types of conversations—phone, email and chat with related contacts. Use this to personalize your cross-sell and upsell efforts.

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Website and in-app tracking

Did you know B2B buyers complete 57% of the buying decision before they are willing to talk to a sales rep? How can your sales reps know your prospects inside out and where they are in the buyer journey? View the activity timeline in Freshsales CRM to get insights on a lead or contact. With our B2B sales CRM, you can track what buyers are doing on your website—a real-time record of pages visited. You can also track in-app user activity for your products. Use this information to have meaningful conversations with your customers.

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Workflows help B2B organizations automate routine tasks to save time and improve productivity. Easily reach and nurture your customers and prospects with Freshsales CRM’s intelligent workflows. Automatically send emails, create tasks and update lead data, based on your preferred conditions. You can also trigger webhooks to send notifications to third-party applications. Use time-based workflows to perform actions daily, weekly or monthly. Sales reps can better organize their time and activities with automation in your sales CRM.

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Connect to your business apps directly from the CRM. Freshsales CRM offers many integrations to make the most out of it. B2B companies can organize customer information from various applications, and increase business efficiency by keeping track of customer interactions in the sales CRM. With the fully-integrated CRM solution, streamline your business and drive your B2B sales.

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