Why do you need a client management software

Whether you are a small business or an enterprise, your goal is to expand and win more clients. While you need new customers, existing clients are the greatest asset of any company. They already know you, trust you, are in business with you, and contribute to your revenue. In fact, Gartner estimates that 80% of a company’s future revenue will come from 20% of its existing customers. This makes every client an integral part of your company, and it is crucial to understand, nurture, and build a good relationship with them to gain their loyalty. 

Knowing how to nurture that relationship requires in-depth knowledge about their requirements and every interaction they’ve had with your business. But this information is spread across tools—spreadsheets, phone, email, notes, calendars, etc. 

As you get more customers, organizing and managing reliable information and having instant access to it becomes a struggle.

You’d require a tool that can show the complete details about clients with context, communication history, and keep you updated about appointments, notes, and insights. And that’s what a client management software does.

Benefits of using a client management software

Organized Information

With your client information organized in a straightforward and customizable manner, you can easily keep track and access everything you need to be more efficient.

Better collaboration

The tool acts as a single source of truth for the marketing and sales teams. No information gaps, no going back and forth. The customer always hears a consistent voice from you.

Higher revenue

With a well-rounded view of your customers at all times, you can cross-sell and up-sell at the right moments, with higher success rates.

Freshsales for client management

Freshsales is an intuitive and user-friendly customer relationship management tool that simplifies your client management needs by organizing all their information in one space. It is not limited to just contact information and social media profiles. You get the entire conversation history, deal information, and more with just a scroll.


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What you can do with Freshsales

Know your customers inside out

Gain information about your customers quickly with Freshsales client management software. It gives you a 360-degree view of every client by

  • Providing a quick summary of all the basic information of your client such as name, company, contact information, salesperson assigned.
  • Automatically enriching the details of your clients and giving highlights such as open deals, active support tickets, upcoming tasks, meeting notes, etc.
  • Laying down detailed information such as a chronological timeline of client's engagements you’ve had with them over email, phone and chat.
Leads Details Leads Details

Focus on the right clients with Freddy AI

Win more sales by focusing on the right clients who are interested in your business. Freddy, the AI-powered assistant in Freshsales, prioritizes and ranks your clients based on their activities and previous engagement with your business. 

So, every time a client engages with your business — opens your email or visits your campaign landing page, etc. — their contact score and rank increase. Freddy also gives you insight into the factors that contributed to the contact score and suggests the next best steps. This enables you to understand their interest level and engage with them in contextual conversations.

fsa freddy ai fsa freddy ai

Manage your interactions

Have contextual conversations with your clients by understanding their interaction with your business. Freshsales organizes all these interactions alongside their basic information. The customer management software pulls together

  • Entire conversation history with the clients through phone, email, chat, SMS, etc
  • Notes and insights that are taken by the sales team during meetings with the client
  • Upcoming tasks and appointments related to the customer
  • All the files that are shared with the clients through email
activity timeline activity timeline

Communicate with just one tool

Freshsales is an all-in-one contact management software that centralizes your touchpoints in a single window. This means you don’t have to jump across tools to close deals. It brings together the three most used communication channels—phone, email, and chat. You can

  • Make calls from within the system and automatically record and log calls. You can also route calls to the respective sales or customer support teams
  • Connect Freshsales with your email client such as gmail or office using the 2-way sync. Send and receive emails within the crm system and get real-time notifications when your contacts open or click on a link on your email
  • Use chatbots to quickly engage with your website visitors when they are interested and reduce the bounce-off rate
104 b 104 b

Strengthen engagement with personalization

By integrating Freshsales with a marketing automation software such as Freshmarketer, your sales and marketing teams gain visibility into each other's activities. It acts as a single source of truth, enabling you to personalize your client relationships. You can

  • Segment your ever-growing client list based on demography, geography, industry, behavior
  • Power your email marketing efforts by choosing by a vast collection of design-rich email templates
  • View client engagement with marketing resources such as case studies, ebooks, etc.
  • Close the circle between marketing and sales by sending the qualified clients and accounts directly to the right sales team from within the CRM
Segmentation Segmentation

Reduce manual data entry

Besides the fact that you can manage up-to-date records of your clients without breaking a sweat, you can also do away with manual data entry. Freshsales lets you

  • Import and export customer data and business details from spreadsheets
  • Migrate data from other client management software effortlessly
  • Automatically capture and save clients’ information who get in touch with you via email, chat, and web forms
  • Assign the right salespeople based on territory like clock-work
  • Reduce manual dependency by automating key business processes with intelligent workflows
Workflow Automation Freshworks CRM Workflow Automation Freshworks CRM

Tailor for your needs

Take your customer management system one step further by customizing it for your needs. With Freshsales, you can  

  • Customize the contact and accounts details page, to highlight and summarize the fields that are important for your business
  • Create data fields and drag-and-drop them to structure the form so it fits your unique business needs
  • Mark fields as “Required.” and you gather all the client information that is important to your business
  • Create custom filters that fetch client details by last contacted time, activity type, and more. Save these filters to access them any time and also share with your team
  • Sort clients easily using custom tags that uniquely identify them
Customization Form Customization Form

Automate your follow-ups

Personalize your outbound campaigns and start meaningful conversations with your customers using sales sequences in Freshsales. Sales sequences let you

  • Send emails and schedule follow-up emails based on activity or time-based triggers
  • Track how your emails are performing and create the perfect outreach for your audience
  • Select from a list of email templates, set up email delivery timelines, and create a killer first impression.
sales sequence sales sequence

More than just a client management software

Freshsales goes beyond just a web-based customer management software and empowers you to

  • Streamline deals by associating every contact with their corresponding deals and keeping all the information in one place
  • Create your sales plan based on data backed reports on your sales pipeline and your sales teams’ performances
  • Automate mundane tasks like sending out welcome and thank you emails, scheduling recurring appointments and tasks, generating invoices, and more
  • Sell on the go with Freshsales mobile app
fsa reports fsa reports

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