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How Freshsales Suite helps to manage your contacts

Freshsales Suite unifies every record across the customer lifecycle in one place. The contact manager gives a complete view of customer profiles in a simplified manner. This is not just limited to phone numbers, email addresses, and social media profiles. You get a lot more context with just a scroll.


Automate data entry

Do away with the manual task of updating contact information and let your contact manager software do it for you. Freshsales Suite lets you automatically

  • Capture prospects’ information who reach you via email, live chat, and web forms
  • Enrich contact and business profiles with their social media information
  • Assign prospects to the right sales reps based on set conditions
  • Schedule recurrent appointments and tasks, and get reminder alerts for upcoming meetings.
Intelligent workflows

Send and track email from one place

Engage with contacts from within the contact database by integrating Freshsales Suite with your email client. You not only get 2-way email sync but can also

  • Create personalized email templates that you can share with your team
  • Send bulk emails in a click
  • Schedule emails to contacts in different time zones
  • Get real-time alerts when your contact opens or clicks a link on your email.
Email tracking

Make calls in a click

Get in touch with your contacts without purchasing additional software or having to worry about maintaining records of call logs. A contact management tool like Freshsales Suite allows you to

  • Automatically record and log calls that are accessible anytime. You can also manually log calls that are dialed outside the software
  • Buy phone numbers across countries to establish a local presence from a single location
  • Send personalized and recorded voicemails.

Do more with G suite

Collaborate and make work easier by integrating the Freshsales Suite contact manager with the powerful Google suite. Get work done swiftly by 

  • Enabling Gmail add-on that brings information about contacts such as business details, deal status, recent conversations, etc., from Freshsales into Gmail
  • Syncing your Gmail contacts and eliminating the need for import/export
  • Using calendars to schedule meetings. Every meeting is synced with the contact in Freshsales.

More than just a contact database

Freshsales Suite goes beyond just contact management by providing insights that will empower you to make crucial business decisions. You can

  • Track opportunities associated with a contact
  • Measure team performance
  • Analyze trends and review every activity that has impacted your metric

You will also have the flexibility to dive deep and create reports across different modules, export it as a CSV or PDF file, and even schedule reports to be sent to your inbox at regular intervals.

report dashboard

Sell more on the go 

With all the desktop functionalities on your smartphone, you are no longer tied to your desk. Using Freshsales Suite's mobile app, you can 

  • Know what to focus on each day from the intuitive dashboard
  • Stay up to date with real-time push notifications
  • Filter contacts by last contacted time, activity type, and more. Save these filters to access them any time and share with your team
  • Check-in at sales meetings to confirm your presence and keep your team in the loop
  • Add voice notes, and create tasks and appointments.
  • Book an Uber to your meetings from within the app.

Ready to try the best contact management software for your business?

Try Freshsales Suite. It includes all the necessary features to help you grow your business and enhance your sales team’s performance. Plus, it’s GDPR compliant, comes with a free 21-day trial, free 24x5 support over the phone and email—irrespective of whether you’re a free user or a paying customer.


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