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Why Freshsales CRM is a better alternative to Zendesk Sell

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Freshsales CRM vs. Zendesk Sell—A snapshot

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Two-way Email Sync



Sales Sequences



Team Inbox



Note data as on Jan 01, 2019


Improve sales productivity with powerful email capabilities

Integrate Freshsales with Gmail and other email clients such as Office 365, Yahoo, Outlook, etc. With 2-way sync, you have the flexibility to read, reply, modify and delete emails from both places. You can further amplify your sales team’s productivity with unlimited email templates, bulk emails, email tracking—both opens and clicks—and email scheduling. Also, use Team Inbox to collate all sales emails so as to easily collaborate with other sales reps. Zendesk Sell lacks functionalities such as 2-way email sync, email scheduling, and team inbox.

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More context for meaningful conversations

While talking to leads, your sales reps need context such as pages they visited, features they adopted, the emails opened and clicked, etc., to make meaningful, relevant conversations. Freshsales allows you to track a lead’s behavior on your website, in-app, and email, and also set contact scores based on these insights. Zendesk Sell allows you to score contacts only in their Elite and Enterprise plans, whereas Freshsales offers this in all paid plans. 

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Save time by automating sales activities

Sales prospecting is one of the activities that eat up the majority of a sales rep’s time. Moreover, with Freshsales, you can automate this outreach process. Freshsales's sales sequences let you stay ahead of your follow-ups, tasks, and appointments. You can design sales cadences—include email sequences, call reminders, and follow-up tasks. The CRM software also allows you to send campaigns based on the recipient’s behavior. For example, you can setup onboarding email campaigns based on the prospect’s actions on your product or service. Or, create a campaign to set automatic call reminders for those who expressed interest. Zendesk Sell lacks the capability to set up sales sequences, and has it as an add-on feature.

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Smarter decisions with advanced reports

To make smart business decisions, you need a CRM software that gives you the flexibility to create sales reports using data across all modules. You need insights such as the industry you are closing the most, the region that is bringing in the most profit, the number of accounts you closed across regions, etc., to address bottlenecks and resource allocation. Although Zendesk Sell has pre-built reports, it lacks the ability to create reports from scratch. Freshsales, on the other hand, gives you the flexibility to dive deep and create custom reports across different modules. Once you have generated a report, you can export it as a CSV or PDF file, and even schedule reports to be sent to your inbox at regular intervals.  

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How Freshsales CRM stacks up against Zendesk Sell


Contact Management

When it comes to managing leads, contacts, accounts, and deals, both Freshsales and Zendesk Sell hit the mark. But, Freshsales has an upper hand as it gives you advanced CRM customization options with our Pro plans, record offline events and the ability to rename modules to suit your business. You can enrich your contact profiles automatically in Freshsales whereas, it is an add-on feature in Zendesk Sell.

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Manage leads, contacts, accounts, deals
Auto enrich profiles
Create sales territories
Auto-assign leads
Advanced Customization

Email Management

Both Freshsales and Zendesk Sell have an email management system. But when it comes to seamless communication and feature capabilities, Zendesk Sell has limitations. Freshsales, on the other hand, has everything you need to seamlessly send emails from within the CRM. Whether it’s Gmail integration (or integration with other email clients like Outlook), 2-way email sync, team inbox, scheduling bulk emails, tracking email opens and clicks, real-time email alerts, creating sales sequences—you name it, Freshsales CRM has it.

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Create sales sequences
Real-time email alerts
Schedule emails
Unlimited email templates
Team inbox
Two-way email sync

Contact Scoring

Freshsales' AI-based predictive contact scoring allows you to categorize your contacts, leads and customers into hot, warm, and cold. You can assign scores by adding and subtracting points based on the lead’s interaction with your company—their behavior on your website, in-app, and email. Give your sales reps the means to focus their time and efforts to pursue the right leads using lead scoring in Freshsales.

Zendesk Sell allows you to score leads by their properties only on their higher plans—Enterprise and Elite. But in Freshsales, it is available in our starter plan - Growth plan. 

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Score leads by property


While both Freshsales and Zendesk Sell have standard reports and dashboards, Freshsales gives you the flexibility to create reports using data across all modules and have it sent to your inbox at regular intervals.    

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Standard reports
Cross-module reports
Standard dashboard
Custom dashboard


Email, phone, and chat support are free in Freshsales and Zendesk Sell, but Freshsales offers a dedicated Account Manager for Enterprise plans.

Free email, phone, and chat support
Dedicated account manager

                            Note: Data as of August 2021


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