Why is lead tracking important for your business?


Tracking leads is crucial for sales teams, be it in a small, mid-size, or a large organization. The right lead tracking software can help you capture leads, collect the right data, prioritize, and nurture them to become your customers-for-life. 

Freshsales Lead Tracking Software

Key benefits of lead tracking software

Convert more leads

Convert more leads into opportunities by keeping track of their details and activities and focusing on the ones most likely to close. 

Identify pipeline trends 

Spot pipeline trends across timeframes and drill into the details with a single click to ensure critical follow-ups are being made on time.

Cut down on response time

Capture new leads and track engagement right from the CRM. This equates to faster response rates, better engagement, and more converted leads.

No more bottlenecks with auto-lead assignment 

Prevent leads from slipping through the cracks and do away with manual lead distribution by auto-assigning them in a round-robin format with Freshsales CRM's lead tracking software. This allows your sales reps to follow-up with prospects as soon as they get captured and reduces the sales cycle as a result of faster response times.

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Powerful AI capabilities to surface your best opportunities

Freshsales CRM comes with AI-powered lead scoring and deal insights capabilities. This helps your sales reps identify the best prospects to connect with and focus on the next best steps for deals most likely to close. Witness more productive reps, increase in sales, and efficient target attainment.

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Take smart decisions with advanced reporting

Freshsales CRM's lead tracking software comes with advanced reporting options that help you monitor and track your leads across the sales pipeline, giving you complete visibility and control of your sales figures. Choose from out-of-the-box reports or effortlessly create a custom one.

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Boost productivity by automating follow-ups

Freshsales CRM allows you to set up sales sequences to automate follow-ups so that your sales reps can spend more time talking to prospects and closing deals. Build solid relationships by nurturing prospects through every step of the sales funnel, retain more customers by delivering maximum value to existing ones, and fast-track revenue growth with smart upsell campaigns with the best lead tracking software. 


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Do this and more with your lead tracking software

Customize lead stages

Make Freshsales CRM your own by customizing the lead stages according to your business process.

Automate sales activities

Automate day-to-day sales activities like capturing leads, enriching them, assigning to sales teams and more.

Tasks & appointments

Collaborate with your team over tasks and appointments, and track your sales activities.

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