Your sales CRM. Also your reporting tool.

What’s better than a CRM that lets you make calls, send emails, and study customer behavior? A CRM that also lets you generate reports!

When it comes to reporting, it’s about balancing speed with customization. There are reports you want to generate quickly and as a routine—like number of deals closed every week or number of new leads this month. Some reports are exclusive to your business—like finding out how long it takes for contacts to move from one stage to another in your inbound sales pipeline.

Ideally you want both: a bunch of report templates you can use right out of the box, plus the ability to create your own reports. And you want to generate reports from the sales CRM, not with a separate reporting tool. With a separate reporting tool, maintaining sanctity and security of data becomes an added responsibility. It also increases the time you take to generate reports, because you’re constantly shuttling between the sales CRM and your reporting software.

These are some of the problems we’re solving with reports in Freshsales, a sales CRM software.

Use custom templates in Freshsales to instantly pull up a bunch of reports, like accounts by owner, sales by sales rep, and high-value deals for the month. Or you can get down to work and create a report from scratch.

Here’s a quick peek into 4 types of reports in Freshsales:

Sales activity reports

Every sales activity ties back to the ultimate goal: getting your contact to sign the deal. The emails you send, the calls you make, the tasks you create and the appointments you schedule—everything counts. That’s why it’s a good idea to keep track of these activities through reports. Sales activity reports help you cut through the noise and figure out exactly how your reps are approaching their deals.

Sales cycle and velocity reports

If the number of deals won tells you how your sales reps are performing, another interesting stat for analysis is “deal age” i.e. the average time it takes to crack a deal. It’s an indication of how your sales reps are hustling for each deal, and it’s the metric you get with sales cycle reports. An allied report (and a useful one) is the sales velocity report. It breaks down each deal by days spent in each stage. So now you can find out why new deals in Charlie’s pipeline take 15 days to move to the next stage.

Trendline reports

Use the sales CRM to compare and conquer, by analyzing trends week-on-week, month-on-month or quarter-on-quarter. You can also use these numbers to make forecasts, like predicting expected close date for deals.

Report dashboards

In a way dashboards embody digital. If digital is about one platform for all forms of content, a dashboard (in the context of reports) displays data in multiple formats on a single screen. So if you’ve got a set of reports you turn to every day, put them together on a dashboard, sit back and watch charts, tables and trendlines come together on your screen. In Freshsales you can use Sales dashboards and Lead Generation dashboards right off the bat. You can always customize your dashboards and share them with your sales reps, internal teams and leaders/decision-makers.

What you can do with reports in Freshsales

Schedule reports

Creating the same report often? Set a schedule, indicate the recipient and add a personalized message—let Freshsales keep generating your reports for you.

Share and export reports

Share reports and dashboards with your team, right from the sales CRM. You can also export them as PDF or CSV files.

Preview reports

Before you run the report, verify the data and see how it is represented. You can also add field columns on the fly.

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