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Competitive pricing and access to a wide range of tools; these two attributes make Zoho CRM a decent option. But, Zoho CRM is not a scalable solution, as evident in the lack of crucial capabilities such as built-in telephony, intelligent chat assignment, and auto out-of-office detection.


So, why is Freshsales a better option? 

Why Freshsales is a better Zoho CRM alternative

A single, comprehensive solution

Freshsales is not a bundle of standalone products. Instead, you get a comprehensive all-in-one solution for sales and marketing teams. 

Reliable support

Get 24/5 free support over the phone, chat, or email from our in-house product experts, regardless of your subscription plan.

Highly scalable

Start with an entry plan and select a higher plan seamlessly as your business grows.

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Freshsales vs. Zoho CRM

G2 rating
Payback period

7 months

11 months

Implementation time

0.7 months

1.5 months

NPS score



Leads, contacts, accounts and deal management
Free plan
Built-in phone
Rotten deals
Behavioral targeting
Team inbox
24/5 support

Note: Data as of 20th November 2020

3 reasons why Freshsales is the best alternative to Zoho CRM

Unified customer experience

Let’s face it, a multi-tool environment creates a dip in user experience as it gives your reps the task of learning and mastering multiple tools. This affects the adoption of the CRM, reduces efficiency, and more importantly, productivity. 

Freshsales offers a complete, unified solution with 360𝆩 view of prospects and customers. They don’t have to juggle between multiple tools anymore. They can view all prospect and customer touchpoints, and past engagement, in one comprehensive view.

contact page contact page


One of the disadvantages of using a third-party solution is reaching out to different customer support services in case of issues. With Freshsales, you get built-in telephony capabilities that is completely in sync with the system. So, you can record and listen to conversations to improve their performance from a single solution. What’s more, you can also transfer your existing carrier quickly to Freshsales and retain your number.

104 b 104 b

Get AI-powered insights

Time is of the essence in sales and marketing, and there is no room for a plethora of manual tasks. A CRM needs to help your reps be, allow you to coach them, and improve their performance. Freddy AI, built right into Freshsales helps identify the right prospects, gain insights to convert them quickly, and more, out-of-the-box to help your reps make the most of their day and stay productive.

ai predictive scoring ai predictive scoring

Freshsales vs Zoho CRM — Feature comparison

Contact Management

Zoho CRM lacks the ability to reduce manual data entry, the pressing problem for most salespeople. With the auto profile enrichment feature, Freshsales automatically enriches lead, contact, and account profiles with information such as social media profiles, and company details such as designation, geography, and how well they fit your ideal customer profile.

Auto-enrich profiles
Territory management
Rotten deals
Lead assignment rules

Email Management

Both CRM solutions have email management capabilities. The team inbox functionality in Freshsales allows users to address sales, support, or marketing queries from a common inbox and also automatically creates contacts from queries sent to this inbox.

Team inbox
2-way email sync
Bulk emails
Email tracking


Freshsales comes with a built-in phone, so you don’t have to go through the hassle of integrating a phone system with your CRM. You can buy phone numbers of various countries, assign them to sales reps, and have them call your leads and contacts. What’s more, your conversations are automatically logged and linked to the right contact.

Built-in phone
Inbound caller ID
Buy local/toll-free phone numbers
Call masking

Behavior Analytics

Freshsales CRM intelligently tracks every sales interaction, buyer’s journey, and activity on the website or inside your SaaS solution, giving your sales reps the context for relevant conversations.

Web-application event tracking
Web-to-lead form capture
Website visitor tracking


While Zoho CRM comes with chat capabilities, it lacks some key features such as automatic chat assignment to groups, topics and also auto-resolution of chats to improve team productivity and focus on customers that require attention

File attachments
Canned responses

Artificial intelligence

Both Zoho and Freshsales CRM come packed with feature-rich AI capabilities. Zoho CRM, however, does not offer key insights such as predictive contact scoring or have the ability to detect if your contacts are out-of-office automatically.

Predictive contact scoring
Out-of-office detection
Deal insights

Data as of: 20th November 2020


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