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Why Freshsales CRM is a better alternative to HubSpot


Choose a plan and seamlessly scale to higher ones as you grow with just the right set of features in every plan. 


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You get free and 24/5 support over the phone, chat, and email regardless of the plan you choose. 

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  Freshsales CRM vs. HubSpot — A snapshot

Predictive contact scoring



Web application event tracking



Cross-module reporting



Custom modules



Territory management
Hallway chatbot
Chatbot topics
Forward to phone
SIP connections
Clone records
24-hours free support



Note: Data as of November 2021


4 reasons why Freshsales is the best alternative to HubSpot

Better lead response times with auto-lead assignment

When your business spans multiple regions in the world, your leads need to be assigned to specific salespeople who are more attuned in line with the particular region. This can help your salespeople focus on a particular territory and its leads, and allows you to optimize your sales process. HubSpot lacks the capability to automatically assign leads to relevant salespeople. With Freshsales, you can seamlessly create a territory and configure the system to auto-assign leads in a round-robin manner so your salespeople can quickly engage with leads as soon as they enter your system. You can also identify high-performing territories and the salespeople who are doing well to improve your overall sales performance. 

territory-management-freshsales-crm territory-management-freshsales-crm

Advanced AI capabilities for a future-proof CRM

HubSpot’s AI capabilities are limited to lead enrichment and scoring. With Freshsales, you can make data-backed decisions on how to approach prospects, drive conversations further with prospects, and forecast revenue with Freddy AI. Freddy AI offers extensive capabilities such as predictive contact scoring, profile enrichment, deal insights, out-of-office detection to help you reduce manual efforts to reschedule meetings and suggests the next best action for you to take. 

freshsales-reporting-dashboard freshsales-reporting-dashboard

Engage contextually with a 360° customer view

As a marketer, it is important to understand your audience, track their end-to-end journey, and deliver personalized experiences to improve conversions. On the sales front, it is important to track contact communication that can provide intel to close deals faster. With Freshsales, you get a 360𝆩 view of their profile at a glance like: 

  • A quick summary of all the essential information such as name, company and contact information
  • Highlights covering a contact’s background information such as open deals and meeting notes
  • Detailed information such as support tickets in progress and past engagements you’ve had with them over email, phone and chat

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hubspot crm alternative contact details page hubspot crm alternative contact details page

Lower costs and quicker ROI

Your expenditures aren’t over once you buy HubSpot’s solution. You still have to bear hidden implementation and scaling costs when you continue using the software. Along with this are add-ons for essential features like reporting, transactional emails, and additional APIs. Freshsales offers fair and reasonable pricing, so there’s a right plan for just about every kind of business. According to G2, Freshsales customers realize ROI faster in just seven months versus Hubspot’s much higher twelve months. 


affordable-pricing-crm-freshsales affordable-pricing-crm-freshsales

Freshsales vs HubSpot—Comparison

Record management

Freshsales allows you to have unlimited users across all plans, unlike HubSpot, which allows you to have only one on their free plan. Additionally, you get the freedom to rename modules. Work more efficiently and avoid confusion

Unlimited record storage
Renaming module
Filters and custom views

Contact management

Create sales territories and auto-assign leads in a round-robin manner to your salespeople according to their location, assign phone numbers, and even transfer calls. This helps optimize your sales process by understanding who is performing better and who isn’t with advanced reporting. 

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Manage contacts, accounts and deals
Auto-enrich profiles
Create sales territories
Assignment rules
Custom sales activities

Freddy insights

Predictive scoring insights are available across all paid plans in Freshsales with no additional charges. Freddy automatically assigns scores to your contacts so you can pursue the right leads. Freddy AI also automatically identifies if your lead or contact is out-of-office to help you immediately reschedule a meeting to the next best date. 

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Score leads by property
Score leads by website, in-app and email activities

Email Management

Freshsales allows you to integrate any email provider (Gmail, Outlook, and more), with the CRM so you can access emails from one system. Your emails get synced to the CRM as soon as you connect your mailbox. 

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Send sales campaigns
View emails awaiting response
Track and schedule emails
View conversation history
Personalized email templates
View shared inbox for sales emails


Freshsales comes with advanced phone capabilities, unlike HubSpot, which offers only a few functionalities. With Freshsales, you can set up inbound caller IDs, buy local and toll-free numbers, mask calls, set up hold music, and more to have a complete telephony experience seamlessly integrated into your CRM. This way, you won’t have to worry about managing a separate telephony app with your CRM. 

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Manual and auto-log call
Call recording and transfer
Buy local numbers
Voicemail recording
Call masking and forwarding


Email, phone, and chat support is offered for Freshsales subscribers from day one at no additional charge.

Free email, phone and chat support

Note: Data as of November 2021

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