Automatic lead qualification is now a breeze with Freshsales!

Lead scoring in Freshsales just got smarter and more insightful. We’ve introduced a bunch of new features that will help you surface your best leads effortlessly!

  • Lead Quality: Categorize your prospects into Hot, Warm and Cold leads. Close the hot leads quickly; nurture warm and cold leads towards sales readiness.
  • Find out which leads are most engaged. Track the week-on-week increase/decrease in lead score to see if your leads have been engaged or not.
  • Deeper insights: Get a deep dive into the factors that contributed to the score.

Let’s say you’re about to send out a mail to a hot lead. You see that the lead has been active this week, since the lead score has gone up 10%. The insights say that this lead has visited your product pricing page. The lead seems to be looking for important information online—this would be a great time to send a personal email offering a product demo.

Or let’s say you want to send out a bulk email to all cold leads to see who might respond. However, in your cold leads view, you see a little green arrow next to a couple of leads, indicating that they have been trying to engage with your product/service recently. You could accordingly exclude these from your bulk email and connect personally with context.


How do I configure Lead Quality categories?

Freshsales admins can set up these categories by going to Admin Settings → Lead Score Customization and defining the names and ranges for each category. In the same page, admins can also configure the rules that will be used to calculate the lead score.

Applicable Plans: This feature is available in all plans.

Knowledge Base: How to use lead score to prioritize leads?, How to configure lead score?


Happy Selling!