Managing Your Small Business During the COVID-19 Crisis

A list of curated topics from Freshsales to help you through this time.

It’s official. Daily life has come to a standstill due to the chaos caused by COVID-19. Needless to say, among those most affected are businesses.

What can you expect during these times? The pandemic has presented challenges for businesses, impacting cash flows, customer churn and causing uncertainty in revenue. It has increased the need to start implementing remote selling software.

What can you expect after all this is over? Clearly, while we can’t predict the future, we can address present concerns to help you get through.

We’ve compiled five articles to help small businesses (SMBs) like yours to adapt to this crisis.


1. Best Practices to Remote-Manage Your Business

Steve Strauss shares some excellent insights on how to manage your small business remotely in his article for USA Today. In this article, Steve shares a list of tools that will allow people to work and collaborate remotely. Additionally, he writes about the art of managing employees with whom you are not physically present alongside.

2. Tips to Deal With Anxiety and Pressure

Coronavirus is disturbing our usual routine in various ways and there is a lot of confusion on what’s in store in the upcoming days. Amy Morin from Business Insider provides 11 tips on dealing with pressure and anxiety right now, in the time of a pandemic. From creating a schedule to replace your current routine to getting some indoor exercise, Amy’s 11 strategies can help you power through these current challenges.

3. Free Tools and Services for Businesses

COVID-19 has disrupted “business-as-usual” around the world. Overcoming this fallout will be challenging, especially for SMBs. A lot of technology companies like Atlassian, Okta, and Tableau are offering their services and tools for free to help businesses stay afloat during this outbreak. Stephanie Condon from ZDNet summarizes these tools in a single page for your reference.

4. Tips for SMBs Affected by COVID-19

As a small business owner, the last few weeks would have been a lot to take in due to the coronavirus pandemic and the impact it may have on your business and employees. Aly Hess from 3Rivers gives 7 actionable tips that includes taking preventive measures, conducting business operations, communicating with your customers and how you can apply for business assistance during this time.

5. Communicating Effectively 

As humans, we are habitual creatures. Until now, we have found our workplace to be one of the most effective means to engage in our daily activities. This includes being more comfortable communicating in a face-to-face environment. Over the past couple of days, however, this has changed, with a majority of businesses around the world recommending their employees to work from home.

Chris Carosa, a Senior Contributor for Forbes, gives incredible insights, citing examples of SMB owners who are currently facing this, on how to communicate effectively with your staff and co-workers during this pandemic.

Managing your business during this situation is not easy. We hope these curated articles can help you get through some tough times ahead.

We’re in this together. Stay safe.