Introducing Voice Notes in Freshsales Mobile Apps

If you’ve typed out notes after a long call or a meeting with your prospect, you know how frustrating it can be. Sometimes you wonder how easier it’d be to just record it out loud instead of typing it all.

This is a common scenario, especially for field sales teams who need to meet multiple prospects in a day, take notes to keep the prospect’s profile updated, and keep their team posted about everything.

Introducing voice notes

With this new feature, you can add voice notes to any Lead, Contact, Account or Deal using the Freshsales mobile app. You can also replay the note anytime, so you and your team don’t miss out on any of this context.

To record a voice note,

  • swipe up from the Plus button (on your home screen), or
  • tap the Record icon (in a lead or contact’s profile)

and just speak into the app.

Go ahead and download the Freshsales app from the Play Store or App Store to check out our latest update!

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