With salespeople getting only 5% of the prospect’s time, you need to capitalize on every chance you get to interact with them. This means you need to be agile, responsive, and most importantly quick

Quick to understand their requirements. Quick to follow up with them. And quick to share any relevant details that accelerate the deal.

All of this without being restricted to your desk. So your sales tech stack must extend beyond just laptops right into your sales team’s hands, creating a greater presence with your prospects. This is where a mobile CRM can help.

Let's dive in.

Mobile CRM Mobile CRM

What is mobile CRM


What is mobile CRM?

A mobile CRM is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool designed for handheld devices such as mobile phones and tablets. It brings the capabilities and functionalities of a desktop CRM solution into the mobile application. This enables sales teams to access prospect information anytime, anywhere. The best mobile CRMs are available for android and iOS.

Benefits of mobile CRM

Capture information instantly

A handy CRM app on your mobile device enables you to input the details of your prospects after every interaction. This is essential as networking is an integral part of sales. When you prospect at various events such as trade shows and seminars, you need to capture all of those interactions accurately. You can always take notes at or after the event, but there is always a chance you might miss something crucial that could close the deal. 

Up-to-date & realtime

A mobile CRM that syncs seamlessly with your desktop CRM data empowers you with real-time updates anytime, anywhere. This is crucial as you always need the latest information to engage with your prospects. For instance, say you’re having a field day, and there has been a development with one of your deals. With a mobile CRM, you get notified about the changes in the deal instantly, enabling you to plan the sale accordingly while on the move.

Improved customer experience

According to a Forrester report, organizations using mobile business apps achieve a 74% increase in customer satisfaction due to faster response to queries. A CRM mobile app with push notifications alerts you of any new updates from your prospects, allowing you to respond to their queries instantly. This reduces the lead-response time and enables you to foster trustful relationships with your prospects, increasing the chances of closure.

How Freshsales mobile CRM helps you sell on-the-go


Organize your day ahead

A mobile CRM empowers you to stay on top of your sales activities.

Sometimes, it’s easy to tune in to the day and tick things off the to-do list. Other times, you could feel overwhelmed by the mound of work that you don’t know where to begin. 

With Freshsales mobile app, you get an instant view of what’s lined up for the day on the home screen. The mobile app provides

  • Notification cards that remind you of upcoming appointments
  • A summary of overdue, upcoming, and completed tasks
  • A bird’s eye view of key metrics such as open deals, recent contacts, etc
  • Scrollable calendar that allows you to check your daily, weekly, and monthly schedule
Web forms Web forms


Key in information on-the-go

Shuffling contact information, business cards, and notepads while interacting with your clients can be a handful, especially if you have to go back and fill that data in your system.

The quick add button in Freshsales mobile CRM allows you to create records in an instant. You can 

  • Add, edit and view contacts, deals, and accounts
  • Record voice notes to quickly document your interactions
  • Filter and sort contacts based on conditions such as ‘need to follow up’, ‘never contacted’, ‘recently imported’, ‘recently modified’, etc
Mobile CRM - quick add Mobile CRM - quick add


Stay on top of emails and follow-ups

Typing an important email on your phone is not an easy task.

Constantly checking for grammar, spelling, alignment, etc on a small screen is a struggle, especially when racing against time.

That’s why Freshsales brings the efficiency of email templates to its mobile app. With the mobile CRM, you can

  • Use email templates to compose, schedule email to the prospect
  • Upload attachments from your mobile
  • Track emails on your mobile for open and click rate
  • Send bulk, yet personalized emails to multiple contacts on your list
  • Receive push notifications about upcoming meetings and reminders
Mobile CRM - email Mobile CRM - email

Capture every second of your call

Phone calls are a crucial way to communicate with prospects and are part of a salesperson's everyday life. But when you have to call prospects from your phone, it isn't easy to keep track of the ones you've called, the outcome of the phone call, and measure its effectiveness. 

By downloading and configuring Freshcaller with your mobile CRM, you can now 

  • Make calls using a virtual number in the mobile CRM app, keeping your personal number private
  • Automatically record calls with your prospects
  • Log the call and save it on the respective contact page for future reference
  • Answer calls confidently with the caller ID that identifies who is calling even if the contact is not saved in your phonebook

Your call recordings, notes, and other details automatically sync with the desktop app, enabling you to pick up where you left off. 

Mobile CRM caller Mobile CRM caller

All-in-one place

The activities timeline lists your prospects' interactions on your website, web app, and even with your sales and marketing teams.

So next time you are on the field and need to prepare for a meeting on short notice, you can take a glimpse of the recent interactions in the mobile CRM. This helps you build contextual and meaningful conversations with the prospects. 

What can you see on the contact’s activity timeline?

  • Sales and marketing emails received
  • Phone calls, chat messages, and SMS interactions
  • Webpages visited and demo requests
  • Webinars attended
  • Upcoming and past appointments
  • On-going deals

And a lot more! 

Mobile CRM - all in one place Mobile CRM - all in one place

Do all this and more with Freshsales mobile CRM

Navigate to your meetings

Save the location of your on-site meetings in the app and directly book an Uber when required.

Save data offline

Download and store your prospect information and access it anytime without relying on connectivity.

Collaborate effortlessly

Check-in at offline meetings to confirm your presence and keep your team members in the loop.



Ready to go mobile?

Freshsales mobile CRM helps you break free from your desk while meeting the sales quota.

So, if you’re looking for a robust, easy-to-use CRM that extends its power and flexibility to your mobile, we’re here. Start your 21-day free trial now. 

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