Collaboration in Freshsales just Received a Power-Up

Freshworks recently launched its newest tool, Freshconnect, a discussion app that is tailor-made for collaboration between different internal stakeholders in a sales deal or a customer ticket.

Have you ever tried searching through hundreds of emails, chat histories to find that one bit of important information that the billing team had asked you to double check before sending an invoice to a particular prospect? Or have you ever collaborated on a large deal with a presales agent, an engineer and a legal representative on 3 different email threads without keeping everyone in the loop? If these situations sound familiar to you, then Freshconnect is about to make your life a whole lot easier, by enabling collaboration with context! With this app you can simply hit ‘Discuss’ on the deal page, invite your team and start talking! The discussion will stay on the deal page forever, completing your 360 degree view of the deal in one place.

With Freshconnect, you can now start a discussion on any deal right from the deal page:

Sales collaboration in Freshsales


How do I start a discussion?

Open the deal you want to collaborate on, click on “Discuss”, invite people using a simple “@mentions”, and start chatting! It’s that simple. And all of your sales collaboration will now exist inside the deal page itself, making sure that you don’t lose any context in a flurry of emails.

Sales collaboration in Freshsales

Whom can I invite to a discussion?

You can invite any user on your Freshsales or Freshdesk account by simply searching for their name. If you want to invite someone outside these apps, like an engineer or a billing team representative, you can invite them by explicitly typing out their email address.

Freshsales users can get notifications and view the discussion on Freshsales itself. The others will get an email when invited to a discussion, and they will be able to join the discussion on the Freshconnect app. A bonus is that you won’t have to worry about installing a new app, since the Freshconnect app is available by default for anyone who is invited to a discussion.

Sales collaboration in Freshsales


This is just the beginning of our collaboration features! We can’t wait for you to try it out and help us improve. Please leave your feedback in the comments below!

Unable to see the discuss button on your deal page?

We are still in the process of migrating this feature for our entire customer base. However, we are doing it on demand for anybody who writes to us. If you don’t have the feature yet and want to get it enabled for your account, go ahead and give us your details on this form.

Happy (collaborative) selling!

Applicable plans: This feature is applicable in all pricing plans.

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