Freshsales Now Supports Multiple Currencies

In today’s global economy, businesses are increasingly transacting in different currencies. Be it a small, medium or large business, everyone is offering their products and services in local currencies. We’re sure your business is poised for global expansion too. So we’ve now introduced support for 165 currencies.

Recently, Freshsales also increased the number of supported languages to 34, so now you’ll get more out of Freshsales when it comes to handling your global business needs.

With multiple currency support, you can…

Manage deals in more than one currency

You can create and manage deals in the currency of your choice. Go to Admin Settings, and add all the currencies your business transacts in. You and your team will be able to create and edit deals in these currencies.

View total deal values in the pipeline view

Even if you have deals in different currencies, Freshsales converts all the values to a single currency (the base currency) and shows the aggregated value in the pipeline view.

Add conversion rates

You can add conversion rates for all the currencies that you add to Freshsales. These rates will be used to

  • convert the deal value to the base currency, and
  • show the aggregated values in the pipeline view.

What is coming next?

  • Ability to automatically updating the conversion rates
  • Ability to create reports of deals in multiple currencies

Try this feature by signing up for our free trial. You can also contact—we’ll be glad to set things up for you. Happy selling!

Available Plans: Estate and Forest

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