Updates: Manage Account Hierarchy, Capture Customer Lifecycle and more

We’re constantly looking for ways to make Freshworks CRM respond intuitively to your business needs. These 5 feature updates are another step in this direction:

Manage Account Hierarchy
When you do business with multiple offices/divisions of the same company, it becomes important for sales agents to get the full context of all the open and closed deals with the company in different regions or markets. With complete information, a sales agent can get cues to proceed with the deal and also use references of the existing deals.

With the Account Hierarchy feature, you will be able to organize your information to create a hierarchy of multi-tier accounts. You simply have to connect the account records, using the field Parent Account, at the account level. Once connected, you will be able to see the complete information of related sub-accounts, associated open and closed deals, and related contacts directly from a single view on an Account landing page.


Capture Customer Lifecycle
In Freshworks CRM, different businesses use the Contact entity differently. Common ways include storing qualified leads, customers, resellers, contractors and evangelists. But multiple types of contacts in the same list can cause confusion. This is why we’ve added a new property called “Status” in Contacts, where you can specify the type of contact. You can use also this field to track where your contact stands in the customer lifecycle.


Just like you would for other fields, you can customize this field’s property based on your business process.


Get recent notes in list view

Notes are handy when you have to make a quick note about the contact, add a tiny detail that can help close the deal, or just to include an additional piece of information. Users leverage notes depending on their needs. From time to time, users have raised the need to view notes for multiple records in a single view, instead of going inside each record. And so, we’ve now introduced an option to include recent notes in the list view. This will allow users to include ‘Recent note’ as an additional column in the list views of contacts, accounts, and deals. This ‘Recent note’ column will show the last modified note by the user for that entity.


Recent Note



Attach files to your email templates 
We’ve added a new productivity boost to Freshworks CRM email templates – you can now add attachments to templates! You no longer need to search for a file and upload it every time you compose an email. You can choose the relevant template, and the required files will get attached.
While attaching a file to a template, you can either upload files from your system or use the ones existing under My Files.

Happy Selling!