Get your team onto Freshworks CRM using deal team

We’ve all heard the saying, “It takes a village to raise a child.” Converting a prospect into a customer is the same and requires collaboration between different teams within the company. For instance, a pre-sales person can help with the product demo but will require an executive from the legal team to jump in to discuss terms of data confidentiality. Each deal is different and so is the team that is needed to close it. With deal team in Freshworks CRM, you can now manage contacts and drive deals and accounts to closure, as a team!

Here are five ways in which you can use deal team in Freshworks CRM:

1. Add titles for users

Deal team enables you to add upto 300 job titles from your organization into your CRM. Map users to the right title and keep track of names and roles. At a glance, you can know if the person added to your team is part of the sales or the finance team.

Deal team in Freshworks CRM

2. Build your dream team

Manage your records better by creating teams that are better aligned with their needs. While some deals may require additional sales representatives to close the deal faster, others may require inputs from a solution engineer if the buyer has custom requirements. Add the right stakeholders to records across the CRM. You can also replace users in a team easily when all the users in the CRM are mapped to a title. For example, if your go-to solution engineer James is taking a few days off, you can easily bring on another solution engineer onto the deal. 

Deal team in Freshworks CRM

3. Share permissions with ease

When a sales rep is added to a team, they are assigned the same scope as the owner. This makes it easier to add members to a team without having to configure permissions all over again for each user. This helps ensure each user in the team has the same ownership over the assigned record. Cut down the time involved in assigning permissions to your teammates, and get started with work!

4. Sell faster

When you usher in experience and expertise to deals, it’s no surprise that you get to close them faster. ‘Let me check that with the concerned team and get back to you’ will now become ‘The solution engineer who is assigned to you will share the requested information.’ This means you can eliminate unnecessary time lags and send across the information to your customers faster. 

5. Add a deal team automatically

Automate the process of adding the desired deal team for records using workflows. Say you want a specific team to handle all the deals who come through the contact form on your website. Set up a workflow to automatically add the right deal team to a record by defining the source of the deal property as ‘Web Form’.

Configure your Deal Team Today

Deal team helps you bring your team into the CRM to work effectively on your records. Know who’s who right from the CRM and start managing your records better.