Take Your Business Global with a CRM that Speaks Your Everyday Language

Businesses around the world are scaling rampantly, winning customers, and conquering territories. You may be operating as a small team from a smaller office, but your business opportunities can cross the boundaries of your state or even your country. Irrespective of being a small team, you need to manage your global business expertly, keeping exceptional customer service at its core. This makes it vital for you to engage with your customers in the local way, completing transactions in their currencies.

Manually managing multiple currencies efficiently is the dream, but it’s also chaotic. You need to regularly convert your deal value into the local currency while making sure you didn’t accidentally misplace the decimal point. And it isn’t a one-person job either. You need to update your finance person to raise the right invoices and keep your team in the loop about the conversion rate used for each deal.

As a business grows, it’s not just the customer base but also the internal team that grows. With bigger teams and bigger deals, you need a universal tool that helps new users get started with work right off the bat.

With multi-currency and multi-language support in Freshworks CRM, you can customize the CRM to set your preferred language and choose from multiple currencies based on where your opportunities lie.

Manage deals in multiple currencies

Going global is every business’s dream, but with it comes the hassle of dealing with foreign currencies. To add to the chaos, conversion rates are anything but static. The fickle numbers are hard to keep track of, especially when done manually. And as a business, you need to prioritize customer experience and handle not just the pros of selling globally but also the cons.

The solution? Automation!

Freshworks CRM supports over 150+ currencies and what’s even better is you can automate the currency conversion.

Step 1: Choose the base currency for your Freshworks CRM account. This can be any currency you like but keep in mind that once set, you cannot change it.

Step 2: Choose the new currencies that you wish to add from the drop-down and set the conversion to automatic. Freshworks CRM will automatically fetch the updated conversion rates through Open Exchange Rates, every 24 hours.

If you’d rather do it manually, that’s possible too. You can schedule rate changes in the same way you schedule an email. Just choose the date and time and the rate you’d like to apply. You can keep track of the rate changes made in the Rate change history section.

Note that you cannot delete a currency once you add it. You can, however, choose to deactivate it by toggling the status option.

Analyze your deals with reports

Keep track of your deals, global and local, using reports. Create custom reports and view your deals in either the base value currency or the deal value currency(foreign currency.)


A CRM that speaks the way you do

For salespeople, the tools they use are equivalent to weapons. It helps them complete tasks faster and better. And at the heart of each task is the CRM. You need a multi-lingual CRM and the easiest way to understand why is to look to saviors of the universe—The Guardians of the Galaxy. The vast Marvel universe and all its beings don’t communicate in the same language. But that does not stop the Guardians of the Galaxy from working hand in hand with the Avengers. And that’s because of their secret tool, the translator implant that translates incoming audio into the listener’s native language.

Baby Groot Guardians Of The Galaxy Volume 2 GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Freshworks CRM helps users become superheroes by translating the CRM into 30+ languages. Each user can set their personal CRM account to the language of their choice and use it the same way any other user would. The account admin can choose a default language for the account, which will be applied for all users. This is then editable by each user. Your CEO could be sitting out of Japan while your finance team works out of Europe. Your team could be spread out across the globe and still use Freshworks CRM the same way.

Make your CRM your own

Sales teams around the world spend a good chunk of their time on the CRM. That’s why it’s crucial that the CRM you choose is customizable according to each user’s needs. With Freshworks CRM, your salespersons can send emails, track metrics, and analyze reports—all in the language of their choice. What’s more, we’ve taken the math out of deals. Create and win deals across 150+ currencies, without worrying about the conversion rates.

Cover image by Anandh Ravichandran