Data Import Options in Freshworks CRM

Data import is a commonly used feature in Freshworks CRM. Our customers use it to migrate data not only while onboarding to Freshworks CRM but also in their day-to-day activities. Data import is generally used to upload contact files bought from third parties, correct existing data, and import/update contact information after events.

To maintain such imports with existing data inside of Freshworks CRM without any complexity, we’ve made essential enhancements to the data import feature. These new import options will help you maintain reliable data without creating duplicates.

Overwrite information in existing records

You simply have to choose from the following operations after you upload the CSV file:

Add new records – Add new records from the CSV file and reject duplicates.
Add new and update existing records without overwriting values – Add new records and update only the blank fields of existing records.

Create new and update existing contacts (without overwrrite)
Add new and update existing records overwriting values – Add new records and update all fields of existing records overwriting the values present in the fields.

Without Overwrite

Match records to update using multiple fields

For any import, you need a unique identifier field to find the record and update it. Freshworks CRM now allows you to choose this unique identifier field.

Note: You can export ID field using ‘Export as CSV’ option under Reports or ‘Export Data’ under Admin Settings->Account

Applicable plans: All Pricing Plans

Knowledge Base: Import Records

We hope that you like these enhancements, and we look forward to your feedback!

Happy Selling!

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