Sales Personality Test: New Arsenal to Help Your Sales Team Cope

Will I suffer a professional setback during the pandemic? It’s a question weighing on the mind of every individual, with no clear answers in sight. The Covid-19 pandemic is landing a broadside on every vertical in the organisation. You would have noticed, among other effects of the pandemic, that pressure on sales is mounting and companies are forced to make their lead generation and sales processes remote. Sales managers are also grappling with this situation and trying to find unique ways to navigate this crisis. Amid the chaos, there is opportunity to look within, and find out the buried links between who you are and what you do as a professional. Here’s where a sales personality test can help. 

Adapting to the remote working norm can be quite stressful, with leads not answering calls or responding to emails, besides the fact that additional sales pressure to perform is slowly undermining your team’s emotional sturdiness.

As a leader, encouraging your sales teams to take a quick sales personality test can help you identify their strengths and vulnerabilities, and empower them to handle stress and sales pressure. 

Why do you need a sales personality test?

From a leadership perspective, the pandemic has slashed revenue inflow to an extent that operational expenses, including payroll, are being commensurately pared.

There’s a saying: “You can’t save your way into profits.”

This means that while expenses are cut, sales teams are faced with more pressure to crank up their performance, do sales prospecting, and sell more products to get cash flowing again.

Some companies are resorting to cutting commission structures, placing more responsibility on their sales team to help the company stay afloat, and provide a non-negotiable incentive to work harder.

All this impacts employee morale, an effect becoming visible to clients and prospects. Once clients and prospects notice they are being under-served, the attrition rate increases and the sales pressure only increases. A vicious no-win cycle.

The result of this pandemic-induced pressure coupled with internal sales pressure is disrupting your world, without warning. 

How the pandemic unravels is largely beyond our control, but our response to adapt to its disruption is, definitely, within our reach: here’s how you can use sales personality tests as a tool for evaluation working well for leaders, entrepreneurs, and salespeople.

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How to Conduct a Sales Personality Test 

1. Crack Your Personality Stress Code

You’re already feeling stressed, but do you know the core cause? You’ve seen colleagues, friends, family handling stress differently than you, or very similar to you. 

Before you go exercise, meditate, have another glass of wine or just one more scoop of ice cream, the best thing you can do right now is take a few seconds to discover your strength and stress personality code.

What does your sales personality have to do with handling stress and sales pressure?

Everything, and I’m going to reveal the secret of why knowing your personality code can shift you from stress to progress, and from sales pressure to sales expansion.

First, I invite you to crack your personality code through a sales personality test here.

You’ll be emailed a free detailed sales assessment test that’s going to empower you with insights about how to leverage the best of your experience and revenue-generating skills.

2. Understanding Your Personality Stress Code

Your sales personality test report will hit your inbox shortly. In the meantime, we’re going to take control of sales pressure and leverage it to fuel your goals by giving you insights into the best of who you are.

Personality science has proven that there are four primary personality codes

Each code has a different set of buy-in values.

This applies to sales, ideas, and social causes that require someone to buy-in to what you’re offering.

You see how we make decisions is fueled by specific underlying values. 

As I share each personality code, I want you to think about how the strength of each personality can be called upon to pivot you and your team from the stagnant sales to sales velocity. 

Let’s learn how to go from stress to excitement, opportunity, and predictability in this new norm.

3. Blueprints Need Predictability

Under stress Blueprints demand stability, structure, systems, and predictability. 

The more chaotic the external environment, the more they implement rules, accountability, and processes to keep their world as sane as possible.

I’m a high Blueprint and under stress my tolerance for unstable or negligent people is next to zero. There’s too much at stake to just wing it.

I crave order because it creates an environment of safety and clarity so that I can plan my next move and pivot in a direction that will serve my goals.

As a leader, if the sales personality test reveals that you have a team of Blueprints, then the worst thing you can do is show instability in how you lead. 

Blueprints want to know the resources available to them to meet the company goals. 

You don’t have to figure it all out yourself. 

Get your Blueprints involved in your recovery and growth plan. 

They will gladly participate in the planning of progress and success.

4. Actions Need Stimulation

Actions are probably one of the hardest-hit personalities right now. 

They crave freedom, flexibility, excitement, and stimulation. 

The pandemic is draining the energy levels of this personality, more so than others. 

Like a diamond that radiates most brilliantly in sunlight, the Action sales personality needs to be given massive opportunities to thrive. You would have probably identified these eager go-getters even without a sales personality test. 

They don’t waste their time in long meetings, or with emails and how-to manuals. Instead of waiting for the economy to bounce back, give the Actions in your team something they can create or compete in.

Go beyond sales contests. Help them take their phenomenal energy to win and let it fuel your next out-of-the-box marketing campaign or virtual client appreciation event. Don’t place a cap on their creativity or recognition. 

Spotlight those who are performing well and give them the opportunity to share their passion, insights, and secrets with the rest of the team.

Actions don’t necessarily need feel-good motivational quotes and videos. 

They are self-motivated. Let them soar!

Actions are amazing at filling an empty pipeline with a refreshing rush for new sales, provided the resources to thrive, and without any micromanagement.

5. Nurturing Needs Community

The Nurturing sales personality is starved for a hug, a face-to-face smile, and dinner with good friends right now.

This sales personality type is driven by relationships, teamwork, community, and significance.

Social distancing to the Nurturing personality is like radiation; it burns their heart to not be able to physically interact with others.

For this personality, non-work related team check-ins, virtual happy hours, and creative team-building exercises are what will continue to fuel their productivity. They have hearts of gold and want harmony within their personal and professional world. Give them the opportunity to make a contribution to the company beyond the job description. 

Once you find out through the sales personality test that you have Nurturing personalities in your team, find out in what ways they would like to personally grow and feel a sense of accomplishment in the months ahead.

6. Knowledge Needs A Big Picture

When the going gets tough, the tough get smarter.

The Knowledge sales personality places emotions on the back-burner under stress. 

They keep their communication short, to the point, and can pick up on illogical statements in nanoseconds. They don’t waste their time with stupidity.

While many are having an existential crisis, these intellectual savants have switched to learning mode. They actively research, develop, and experiment with new ideas and innovation as a way to turn tragedy into triumph. They have no time for incompetence or generalizations. They want specifics, expertise, and a big picture goal to focus their minds on.

Interestingly enough, in addition to being a high Blueprint, I’m also a high Knowledge. 

In a crisis not only am I seeking a predictable system of success, but I’m also super attentive to communications that do not align with the big picture. 

The Knowledge personality doesn’t necessarily need virtual happy hours. Chances are they’ve been social distancing most of their lives and appreciate the quiet work environment of the home office. 

If you have identified Knowledge personalities within your team, optimize their skills by giving them opportunities to learn more, attend virtual workshops, and give them a platform to talk about what they’ve learned and how it can be integrated into the new company pivot being implemented.

Help Your Sales Team Thrive Through Sales Personality Test

I want to wrap up by giving sales leaders some refreshing news. At its core, stress is about feeling out of control and out of options. Pivot your focus from sales pressure to progress. 

Progress means looking at the amazing sales personalities that have helped your company thrive in the middle of chaos. Fuel each of your personalities with the help of a solid sales personality test that works for your organisation, motivate them and make them feel significant to the vision of the company. 

There’s no one-size-fits-all or one-size-fits-most solution. In fact that’s a guaranteed way to create more stress as the “solution” will most likely favor one sales personality over the other three.

Instead, realize that your solution has to empower the best of all four sales personalities. 

You will optimize your business, your team and maximize results.

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