Solve your calendar scheduling woes with Freddy’s calendar and OOO suggestions

Salespeople spend about 37% of their day in sales-related activities. What about the rest? It’s dedicated to non-selling activities, most importantly, scheduling meetings. A typical process to schedule a meeting with a lead looks something like this: 

  • Reaching out to the lead 
  • Understanding their availability
  • Setting up the meeting via the CRM
  • Sending out invites
  • Getting confirmation

And when the lead is unavailable, wants to reschedule, or is away on leave, then this entire exercise needs to be carried out again. This back and forth ends up cutting into their productivity.

What if this entire sequence of activities can be reduced to a single click?

We’ve supercharged Freddy with new calendar suggestions and Out-of-office detection capabilities. Each time an email lands in your inbox, Freddy analyzes the email content and identifies mentions of availability or unavailability of the responder and their suggested time slot. Similarly, Freddy also automatically identifies when a lead or contact is out-of-office and prompts the salesperson to schedule for another day.

Auto-identify the date and time suggested by the lead

When a lead responds to the meeting invite email with their available slot, Freddy triggers a prompt that allows you to set up a task, appointment, or even a custom sales activity.

Some examples of sentences that Freddy looks for in an email:

Monday sounds good what about 10:00 pm ist cheers

Can we meet tomorrow at 4pm?

Are we meeting this Friday 1am PST?

Can we postpone today’s meeting to march 3rd week at the same time?

We shall meet on Monday at 4pm IST cheers.

Let’s meet at 5:00 today.

This prompt can be found on the lead/contact landing page and the conversations page. Click Save to set up the activity at the time requested by the lead.

Freddy Calendar suggestions

Identifying when a lead or contact is OOO

When your lead (or contact) is away from work and has turned on the email auto-responder, any email sent returns an Out-of-office(OOO) email. Freddy watches out for such emails and assigns the lead an OOO tag. This tag is visible across the lead list view. Freddy also displays a prompt on the landing page. The prompt also displays the latest date and time when the lead will be back. Just click Save and your task or appointment will be rescheduled.

Freddy Out-Of-Office rescheduler

Some examples of OOO emails that Freddy looks out for:

Hi there, I’m on vacation and will be back by 21st of May. Will write to you when I am back.

I’m OOO. Will be back in the third week of May.

Regret to inform you that I am away on vacation and will be unavailable until 16th May. Please expect delayed replies.

Hello there, I am traveling and will not be responding to emails. I will be back on 21st May.

Hi, I am out of office until March 23rd. Will write to you once I am back.

What’s more? Freddy displays a prompt when you try reaching out to an unavailable lead through phone, chat, or even SMS. It allows you to set up a follow-up reminder, so you can reach out to them when they’re back at work.

Freddy Calendar suggestions on SMS, Emails, Tasks, and Appointments

Freddy’s OOO detection powers also work in the case of auto-triggered emails. Say you have a workflow that creates a task when a lead replies to an email. If the response is an OOO message, Freddy ensures that no action is taken. This also works for emails triggered through Sales Sequences. 

Save time by allowing Freddy to manage your calendar

Say goodbye to your meeting checklist. Scheduling and rescheduling appointments to suit your lead or contact’s availability is no longer a long list of tasks. Freddy traverses your inbox in search of the OOO phrase or any mention of a request to reschedule an appointment and notifies you of the same. This ensures that your efforts to reach out to a lead or contact are optimized and are not spent on unanswered calls or lost emails, helping improve sales productivity. Learn more about this feature by reading our support articles.