The Ultimate List of 15+ Top Sales Blogs That Every Salesperson Must Read

As a salesperson looking to stay on the top of your game, you need to constantly be aware of new strategies, tips and tricks, and tools that you can add to your sales arsenal. Whether you are looking for strategies on how to optimize your sales process, how to start a blog or actionable advice on how to generate more leads, reading sales blogs is a great way to keep your reading list full of great ideas and actionable tactics.

Here is a list of 15+ top sales blogs which you need to follow—to learn from some of the best in the business.

Our Curated List of Top Sales Blogs

1. Predictable Revenue Blog

What the blog is about: Predictable Revenue founded by Aaron Ross is an outbound success company, helping companies – like Uber, Oracle, SAP, and startups – avoid expensive mistakes in building outbound programs. The Predictable Revenue blog covers topics such as building scalable and predictable revenue teams, nailing your niche, hiring and people issues, business metrics, and building a scalable outbound prospecting program.

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2.  Heinz Marketing Blog

What the blog is about: Heinz Marketing, led by Matt Heinz is a B2B marketing and sales acceleration firm that specializes in demand generation, pipeline management, sales enablement, and more. The Heinz Marketing blog covers everything from advanced selling tactics to reviews of popular sales apps. 

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3. The Sales Review Blog by Sales For Life

What the blog is about: Sales for Life founded by Jamie Shanks offers sales workshops and training sessions to help sales organizations transform their selling processes from analog to digital. Aside from their training services, Sales for Life manages a popular sales blog called The Sales Review which covers emerging best practices, strategies, and insights specifically tailored to B2B sales.

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4. The Make It Happen Blog by John Barrows

What the blog is about: The Make It Happen blog by John Barrows is a great blog for advice and guidance on how to become a better sales leader. John’s genuine passion for sales coaching and in guiding leaders towards using a principle-driven approach to sales comes through in his blog posts.

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5. SalesFolk Blog

What the blog is about: With an interesting focus on sales emails, SalesFolk by Heather Morgan offers some refreshing insights into the ambiguous world of content creation and cold emailing. The blog is centered around these areas, and while arguably very specific and confined, it’s always valuable to have access to such a resource that can help uncover the mystery of the cold email phenomenon.

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6. Sales Blog by Jill Konrath

What the blog is about: This blog provides tips on increasing your sales, bringing in new businesses at a faster rate, and dealing with complex sales. Jill Konrath adds an excellent personal touch to her posts by including real-life stories making it more relatable and conversational.

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7. The Sales Hunter by Mark Hunter

What the blog is about: Not only has Mark Hunter written a best-selling book titled: “High-Profit Prospecting: Powerful Strategies to Find the Best Leads and Drive Breakthrough Sales Results”, he also runs a successful sales blog which covers a wide range of topics related to sales. The Sales Hunter blog is a great source of knowledge for anyone with an interest in the sales industry.

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8. Sales Hacker B2B Sales Blog

What the blog is about: Sales Hacker has fast emerged as a powerful hub of all things sales with content across blog posts, on-demand webinars, videos, e-books and more. The Sales Hacker B2B Sales Blog has content covering a wide variety of topics from social selling, account-based selling to customer success.

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9. The Sales Blog – Anthony Iannarino

What the blog is about: The Sales Blog by Anthony Iannarino is a quintessential blog where he advises people, shares ideas, gives motivational wisdom and also asks questions to the readers. His blogs cover sales, value creation, leadership, and general success tips. He also posts sales tips and insights on a daily basis.

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10. The OpenView Partners Sales Blog

What the blog is about: The OpenView Partners sales blog curates some of the most interesting posts that can help bring clarity to entrepreneurs as they try to navigate the emerging trends and best practices in sales. If you are in SaaS sales, then this blog is a must-read.

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11. A Sales Guy – Jim Keenan

What the blog is about: Jim Keenan, co-founder of A Sales Guy, is a prominent figure in the sales and marketing industry. Keenan is known for his way around social media and uses its power to sell more. This blog features a unique section called #HeyKeenan, where one can post questions and Keenan answers them in the form of a video.

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12. The Inside Sales Experts Blog by The Bridge Group, Inc.

What the blog is about: From the years when “tele” was a four-letter word to today’s long list of companies who’ve leveraged inside sales to IPOs, they’ve been there helping tech companies grow. Trish Bertuzzi has seen it all while evangelizing the power of inside sales.

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13. Tibor Shanto’s Sales Blog

What the blog is about: Tibor Shanto is a veteran of B2B sales and has developed an insider’s hands on perspective of successful sales execution. Tibor Shanto’s blog helps sales professionals by providing them with actionable content on how to shorten their sales cycles, increase close ratios, and use the right strategies and tools for selling.

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14. The LinkedIn Sales Blog

What the blog is about: LinkedIn’s sales blog specializes in social selling tips, management best practices, and prospecting tactics. With millions of salespeople, you can also expect a healthy dose of posts outlining fresh ways to use LinkedIn for sourcing leads.

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15. Your SalesMBA® Blog

What the blog is about: Sales trainer and creator of the Your SalesMBA® training program Jeff Hoffman lets readers in on the secrets to effective prospecting, qualifying, social selling, and more.

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16. Score More Sales Blog

What the blog is about: Helping company leaders with 5-200 sales team members in their company, the Score More Sales blog focuses on people, process, pipeline, and leadership.

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Did we miss any of your favorite top sales blogs? Let us know in the comments section below and we will include them in our next update. You can also refer to these websites if you are starting your own sales blog