Building customer relationships that last 

For any business to grow, it needs to build strong customer relationships through constant sales engagement and nurturing. And with competition on the rise, personalized conversations matter more than ever.  Recent research by Accenture shows that 33% of the consumers surveyed in its study ended their relationship with a company because their experience wasn't personalized enough.

A good sales engagement plan is key not only to driving sales and revenue, but also to establish an emotional connect between prospective customers and your business, potentially winning you customers for life. 

sales engagement

So, what is sales engagement?

All the interactions your sales team has with prospects qualify as a sales engagement activity. These include phone calls, emails, meetings and online chat that help convert prospects into customers. There are specialized sales engagement platforms that help you achieve these functions.


Sales engagement platform

A  sales engagement platform (SEP) can help you engage with prospective customers across communication channels. It will allow you to make calls, send emails, schedule tasks and book meetings all from within the platform, thereby enabling more sales. 

While engaging in meaningful conversations is the future of selling,  standalone sales engagement tools make the process cumbersome. This is because your customer data is stored in a CRM while your communication happens in the sales engagement software. Toggling between the two platforms is futile.



Sales engagement


Sales engagement platform + CRM is passe

A cohesive CRM software like Freshsales CRM integrates all sales communication channels within one platform, giving you a potent combination of sales engagement and CRM. A glance at the contact details page will give you

  • A quick summary of all the basic information such as name, company, contact information, salesperson assigned.
  • Highlights such as open deals, active support tickets, upcoming tasks, meeting notes, etc.
  • Detailed information such as a chronological timeline of activities or engagements you’ve had with them over email, phone, chat, etc.

Since you have information about the customer and all conversations are in one place, you can make informed decisions on follow-ups and nurture the customer. 

Contact landing page

Why is Freshsales CRM the best sales engagement software for your business?

Customer data, in one place

No more toggling between multiple tools to get context to engage with customers. Your customer data resides in one place, thereby boosting sales productivity. 

Communicate with relevant context 

Leverage sales intelligence to drive conversations with a deeper understanding of prospect customers and schedule more meetings from within the CRM. 

Action-oriented followups 

Personalize your followups by creating sales cadence based on a prospect's response to your communication.

Better visibility into pipeline and activities

Predict your revenue with a visual deals pipeline, map your sales activities with deals, and identify what approach works best for you.

What's in Freshsales CRM?

A CRM system that also does the job of a sales engagement platform is a godsend for any business. Freshsales offers on a platter all the sales activities your sales team needs to engage in. 

Email Management

Freshsales CRM offers seamless integration with email clients such as Gmail and Outlook as well as 2-way email sync. It also provides a common inbox for your sales team to respond to unattended emails and allows you to create email templates, schedule emails, and track email engagement metrics without leaving the CRM.

Integrated Dialer 

Place calls with a click, record calls, transfer calls, and send voicemails using the phone feature in Freshsales CRM. You can also buy local phone numbers and assign them to sales teams to drive more calls to conversations. All sales calls made through the integrated dialer are logged automatically in the CRM. 

Sales Sequences

Automate the follow-up process and stay engaged with your customers using consistent, targeted communication. With Freshsales CRM, you can customize campaigns based on prospects’ behaviors and re-engage prospects who have become unresponsive. 

Sales intelligence 

Manual data entry kills the spirit of salespeople.

Get rid of that by switching to Freshsales where a lead’s social profile information is automatically updated in their profile. 

With Freshsales, you can also

  • Identify which sales lead is hot or not using lead scores
  • Auto-assign leads to sales teams across territories
  • Track lead activity in a chronological timeline view in the CRM

And more!

Contact scoring


Creating manual reports can be a mind-numbing task. To know which sales activity works, how many deals were won by a sales rep, or analyze a sales trend, the visual reports feature in Freshsales CRM helps you crunch that data to make quick decisions. Customize or choose from existing report templates, schedule reports, share with your teams or export them as PDF or CSV files.

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