Easy forecasting at no cost

Sales forecasting is an essential aspect of running a business regardless of size and industry. According to Aberdeen Group research, companies with accurate sales forecasts are 10 percent more likely to grow their year-over-year sales revenue. In addition, they are 7.3% more likely to hit their sales quota.

That’s because an accurate sales forecast can help your company anticipate demand. If you can predict demand, you can put together a sales plan that helps you enjoy the following advantages:

  • a higher rate of on-time delivery

  • improved inventory management
  • accurate hiring projections
  • well-timed marketing promotions
  • precise revenue and net income estimates
Sales Forecast Template

Having this competitive edge does not need to come with a price. You can stay ahead of the pack with this 100 percent free, effective, and user-friendly forecasting sales template. Small businesses and startups around the world rely on this spreadsheet to help them project sales and prioritize deals.

When you outgrow the spreadsheet

As your business soars, there will be a time when you can no longer rely on a compact spreadsheet to do your sales projections. Should you arrive at this point and need a powerful application, we have just the solution.

Try Freshsales CRM free for 21 days. The sales CRM software comes with innovative features that lets you track sales growth over multiple timeframes, generate visual reports without complex setups, monitor the performance of your sales team, and many more all in one intuitive system.

Sales Forecast Template


Why Freshsales CRM

As business booms, you will likely encounter new challenges when it comes to projecting sales. Some of the biggest issues that you will likely face include rapid client base growth and significant activity increase on numerous accounts. Compact spreadsheets are just not equipped to handle these demands. Their limited capabilities keep them from incorporating valuable data such as activities, events, and responses that are crucial for providing an accurate sales forecast.

Freshsales CRM, on the other hand, is specifically designed and developed as a single solution CRM for high-growth sales teams. Download now and get a 21-day free trial with 24/5 email and phone support. Freshsales CRM is built to help companies scale greater heights by providing powerful features that can handle data-intensive sales forecasts including:


Trendline reports

Do you need to look at sales growth month-on-month or year-over-year?

Whatever your sales forecasting methods are, Freshsales CRM provides trendline reports so you can view sales figures using multiple timeframes. With trendline reports, you can look at sales growth over weekly, monthly, and quarterly periods. On top of that, this feature can also show projections on deal values and number of expected deals to be closed by date.

With these tools, you can plan ahead and provide your sales team with the necessary resources and training to successfully close deals. Trendline reports let you peer into the future so you can meet or even exceed your projections.

Trendline Reports

Revenue analytics

History tends to repeat itself. That is why many sales executives refer to past performance as an indicator of future result. The strategy is also useful to check for aberrations and extreme movements in sales forecasts. With a sales CRM like Freshsales CRM, you can leverage these insights with the help of revenue analytics.

Go in-depth and perform a more thorough historical sales data analysis by accessing key revenue metrics. With Freshsales CRM, you can pull out sales reports by territory, sales rep, source, campaign, and more. With this feature, you can quickly notice outliers as well as formulate data-driven plans to help boost the performance of sales reps, tweak campaigns, and provide ample support to struggling territories.

Revenue Analytics

Visual sales reports

Create elegant visual reports in just a few clicks. Choose the type of report that you want to create, select the time period, apply your required logic or condition and voila. Using these simple steps, you can instantly generate tables and graphical charts and highlight the most relevant data to your sales team.

No need to scroll through endless rows and columns just to see the exact figures that you’re looking for. With visual sales report, you can assess the status of your sales without hurting your eyes.

Visual sales reports

Sales activity reports

Your ability to make accurate sales projections also depends on the productivity of your sales team. If you can see who’s hustling and who’s struggling, you can identify sales reps who need to undergo additional training and help them boost productivity and drive sales.

With the help of this functionality, you can track the activities of your sales reps.

Sales Activity Reports

The sales CRM lets you generate four out-of-the-box and customizable reports such as:

Take full advantage of the insights that you can gain from the sales activity reports to get a more accurate sales projection.

Report Dashboards

Freshsales CRM takes sales forecasting to a whole new level with report dashboards. This feature lets you display multiple charts, tables, and trendlines on a single screen. You can use report dashboards to generate your sales forecast as well as relevant reports such as:

  • Sales trends

  • Sales cycle and velocity

  • Lead generation and conversion trends

  • Lead velocity

  • Key performances indicators such conversion rate

Report Dashboard

The dashboard is customizable so you can make adjustments as you see fit. On top of that, the dashboard can be easily shared with your team. This enables you to quickly highlight certain details to your team and check whether everyone’s on track to meet sales forecasts.

Do all of this and more with your sales CRM

Share and export reports

Share reports and dashboards with your team. You can also export them as PDF or CSV files.

Territory reports

Know which territories are meeting targets and which ones have potential business opportunities.

Pipeline reports

Track the progress of each deal. Identify bottlenecks and work towards addressing them.

Out-of-box reporting

Trying to figure out how to create a report? Use our sample reports to get started.

Preview reports

Before you run the sales report, verify the data and see how it is represented. You can also add field columns on the fly.

Sales metrics

Generate reports on key sales metrics like conversion rate, time to contact a lead, and email open rate.