3 Ways to Close Deals Faster with Freddy

The deal pipeline helps you evaluate and improve your sales process by providing a quick overview of your deals. Maintaining a clean sales pipeline gives you visibility on your progress and helps you make better decisions for your business.

However, as your business expands and as deals start flooding your pipeline, prioritizing the best deals for your business becomes a challenge. In a crowded pipeline, you can miss out on high-priority deals. 

To help you focus on the best deals and decide on the next best action, we bring to you Freddy Deal Insights. This feature is powered by Freddy, Freshworks’ AI-powered sales assistant. Freddy analyzes and learns from historical sales data, engagement, and activities on deals to provide insights and predictions so you can make better decisions and win more deals. 


Here are 3 ways Freddy can help you close deals faster: 

1) Focus on the best deals with deal tags

The more your deal pipeline expands and deals start piling up, the less attention you provide to each deal. You may lose focus on deals that have a high probability to win and instead work on deals that may never see the light of day. This is where Freddy helps you focus on those deals that are likely to be won.

Freddy auto-assigns a deal tag to a deal based on the activities you performed on the deal. These could be the emails and calls that you exchange with the contact. Freddy also highlights deals that have seen a sudden increase or decrease in activity and provides insight into why. 

Say you have a deal that you haven’t engaged with for a while. Freddy highlights this deal card with a red ‘At risk’ tag in your deal pipeline indicating a dip in activity in the past week. Similarly, say you have been actively working on a deal. This deal is marked with a green ‘likely to close’ tag. Deal tags give you a quick view of your deal status and help you stay on top of the best ones. 

Funnel view

2) Drill deeper with deal tag cards

While the deal tags give you a quick overview of how your deals are faring, you can get deeper insights into the progress of a  deal with deal tag cards. Click on a tag to get insights into the sales activities on a deal in the last 30 days. You can also see the best performing activity and its current trend. 

Say a deal in your pipeline shows a ‘Trending’ tag. By opening its deal tag card, you can learn how the deal is progressing and its related Freddy score. The calendar view gives you a snapshot of how actively you have been engaging with the contact in the past 30 days. Freddy also provides suggestions on the next best action to help move the deal down the pipeline. Depending on the accuracy of these predictions, you can provide feedback to help improve the predictions.

Deal details card

3) Get a birds-eye view with the Freddy view

Deals are represented as different colored and sized bubbles and placed according to their deal age and deal score. You can get a quick insight into the deal status and value and decide which deals to focus on. From the green bubbles, you can get an idea of the deals that can be committed and best-case scenario deals from the red and yellow bubbles.

Open deals

You can also customize the Freddy view to view deals belonging to a particular deal tag. For example, if you want to view only those deals that are ‘At risk’, you can select the specific tags to get a concise view of specific deals. You can also draw a zoom box to enlarge the view.

Specific open deal

Step up your deal management 

Managing an evergrowing deals pipeline can be a challenge. With predictions of the likelihood of success and recommendations on best actions to take, Freddy deal insights help you prioritize your sales pipeline and close deals faster.