Mobile CRM: Why You Don’t Have To Be Tied To A Desk To Increase Your Sales

Below is a pie chart of the world’s current population. What do you think two-thirds of the pie in orange represents?

The big piece of the pie represents the 5 billion mobile users. And by 2020, that chart will look like this:

With over 50% of the world’s population connected by mobile, the message is loud and clear—the impact of mobile technology has become indispensable in our lives. And professionals like salespersons depend on their smartphone to engage with customers, access business information, manage their calendar, send emails, etc.

We know that CRM software is essential for businesses to increase sales, improve customer relationships, and more. Earlier, CRM software were primarily optimized for the web, leaving salespersons tied to their desks to perform any sales action. But, with the technological advancements, this is no longer the case. The need for salespersons to access information on the go, anytime, anywhere led to the rise of mobile CRMs.

Mobile CRMs are no longer just nice to have; they’re an absolute necessity for salespersons to work efficiently. In fact, according to a Forrester Research Survey of more than 1000 European organizations, mobile CRM leads to 74% increase in customer satisfaction and 84% increases in sales and employee productivity.

Here 7 ways to use mobile CRM for each step in your sales process

Freshworks CRM enables you to be more productive to pretty much run your business from your phone. For a sales rep always on the move, let’s see how you can run your sales process in a few swipes.

#1 Get notified

Anytime you’re assigned a contact, get instantly notified with push and in-app notifications. Click on the notification and directly head to the contact’s record in your mobile app.

New! You can now personalize your settings on the mobile app. Choose what notifications you want to receive so you can be alert even when you’re on the go. If you track your emails in Freshworks CRM, you’ll now get push notifications when recipients open your email, click on a link, or write back to yNotifications on Freshworks CRM mobile app

#2 See a 360-degree view of your contact  

Go to the Activities tab on the contact’s profile and get context into who the contact is and what they’re looking for. You get a complete view of your contact’s profile from your mobile app.


#3 Email or call your contact

You can view your emails and compose them directly in the app. Choose from email templates, attach files, track, and even schedule emails without having to switch apps. You can also call your contact using Freshcaller by tapping on the phone icon. If you’re not able to make calls, don’t panic. All you need to do is make sure you’ve integrated Freshcaller with the Freshworks CRM mobile app. 


#4 Create a deal

Ready to add a deal to the contact? Freshworks CRM makes it easy for you to do that directly from your mobile. There are multiple ways to do this. But here’s my favorite way.


#5 Meet your contact

When it’s time to meet your contact in person,  set up an appointment from the Freshworks CRM mobile app, and also get reminded when your meeting is due. Navigate through Google maps or get an Uber ride from the app. Once you’re at your meeting, check in from your location on the app, an easy and fast way to log your sales activities in the CRM.


#6 Send the proposal

Attaching files is made easy in the Freshworks CRM app. You can choose an attachment from your Freshworks CRM files, upload one, or take a snapshot with your camera.


#7 Mark your deal as Won

Head to your deal record and switch the deal stage to won (and celebrate!). Now if your deal is automated using workflow to move into the next pipeline, it’s instantly visible on the app itself.


Maximize your productivity with mobile CRM

At Freshworks CRM, we didn’t invest our time in creating just a mobile version of the web CRM. We wanted something better, something robust that enables salespersons to fully perform their activities across all devices, and not be chained to their desks. Most importantly, we were sure about making our mobile CRM easy-to-use, because anything else would be effectively useless in the palm of your hands.

I’m sure you agree.

Now that you’re confident why you need a mobile CRM and an easy-to-use one too, it’s time to take matters in your hands. Download the app.


Cover image by Anandh Ravichandran

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