The whole picture

Sometimes there’s more than one contact at different hierarchies in a company with whom your business may have relationships. How do you tell your CRM to manage related company information in one place? A good sales CRM automatically organizes your information by account and gives a 360𝆩 view to strengthen your business so you can get the most out of it.

With Freshsales CRM's account management, handle relationships with improved visibility of the account hierarchy, related contacts, conversations, tickets, deals, and more in a single view. You can also personalize the view by choosing account details that matter the most to your business.

fsa contact landing page fsa contact landing page

Account hierarchy

Use hierarchy in account management by linking related accounts with their parent account in your sales CRM. View child account information directly from the parent account page, and use it to identify cross-selling and upselling opportunities—kill two birds with one stone.

fsa account hierarchy

Keep up with contacts

Quickly access related contacts to an account from the account page. Click on the contact to view their role in the company, location, and status of on-going deals. Get to know additional decisions makers within an account in your sales CRM before you head to the next meeting. Account management makes sales with multiple contacts within a company easy and efficient.

fsa account related contacts 1

Centralize communications

View contact interactions related to an account—email and phone. Account managers gain a single comprehensive view of communications to know topics of conversation and when they were last contacted. Use this to build effective relationships with customers through account management.

fsa activity timeline

Track support tickets

Customer tickets synced in Freshdesk are also displayed in accounts. This way account managers can keep a tab on issues and prevent churn. You get to make sure customers are happy with your service and continue to meet expectations by overseeing account-related tickets in the sales CRM.

fsa fd tickets

Know related deals

Working on a big deal for a top account? Be apprised of related closed and on-going deals by viewing them on the account page. Sales reps have a complete picture of each account’s opportunities and get to use this information to engage with related customers effectively.

fsa deal highlights

Accounts on the go

Refresh your memory on customer accounts before your meetings by simply carrying your mobile with you. Account management is also available on the Freshsales CRM app for iOS and Android. Get a quick view of your accounts, add notes, schedule appointments, call contacts, and more with a simple touch.

Freshworks CRM Mobile CRM Contacts View Freshworks CRM Mobile CRM Contacts View

Do all of this and more with your sales CRM

One-click phone and email

Built-in phone and email eliminate the need for third-party integrations. Track email opens and link clicks, and record all your call logs.

Custom views and smart fields

Filter and sort your records. Connect with the right set of prospects using "last contacted" and "last seen" date and "deal size".

Segmentation by behavior

Analyze a contact’s engagement by calls, emails and website activity, using filters on the Activity Timeline.

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