Boost your sales productivity with Freshsales mobile apps

Imagine a day in the life of a field sales rep — schedules meetings/demos, responds to pending emails, makes some follow-up calls, enters meeting notes to keep the team in sync — all from the laptop even while on the move.

We know it’s not easy, and that’s why we bring you Freshsales mobile app to help field salespeople stay on top of their sales activities. The iOS and Android mobile app not only gives a 360° view of customers, but also has some smart options to boost sales productivity and meet targets.

Perform actions in a tap

With a simple tap, you can convert leads as you step out of a successful meeting and close deals after a call with the prospect while boarding a flight. Not just that, you can quickly add leads you meet at events, send emails, find customer’s location on the map, call prospects and perform many more actions. From prospecting to closing, you can do it all from the mobile app – your pocket assistant.

Change deal stages in a tap

Make your meetings more effective 

For effective sales, you need to know your prospects such as their job title, company information, their interests, their recent activities on your website and so on, to make a targeted pitch and show your prospects that you’ve taken enough time to understand their needs (it becomes all the more important when you have a face-to-face meeting with them!) However, while handling multiple leads, it becomes practically impossible to do a research on all your prospects before the demo.

Auto enrich profiles with social profile information

Freshsales automatically enriches each profile with invaluable information from social media such as company information, LinkedIn/Facebook/Twitter links, display picture and a lot more. It also tracks the prospect’s activities on your website, product, and email in a chronological timeline view, giving you better context to tailor your conversations.

Add notes on the fly and keep team in sync 

Keeping your team in sync with your customers’ activities and status is an important tasks you can’t afford to miss. Forget the tedious task of taking notes on a laptop or notebook after a meeting. Now take all your notes in the Freshsales mobile app and let your team access it from the web app.

Add notes and keep teams in sync

Stay on top of emails 

At Freshsales, we know the value of a missed customer email, and our mobile app helps you stay on top of all your customer communications. Be it sending the first connect request, follow-up emails, proposals, and closure emails, you can quickly move deals up the sales pipeline and close them faster.

We’re working on bringing a lot more email features to further improve your experience, so stay tuned to know more.

The Freshsales mobile app is truly a power packed tool that comes with a number of such sales boosting features, to help you make more sales on the go. To access these awesome features, download our app from App Store and Google Play. And if you are looking for a CRM and still haven’t checked out Freshsales, it’s time you really really should.

Happy Selling!