Holistic view of customer interactions with your business

Event tracking is the process of collecting information about a lead’s actions when they land on your website—pages visited, links clicked, resources downloaded, etc.—and a customer’s engagement with your product.

But why is event tracking even important for sales teams? By tracking your website visitors, you get a visual idea of what leads are looking at on your website, where they are in the buying journey and how likely they are to purchase your services. Identifying leads’ buying intentions helps businesses communicate better with them by enabling sales reps to sell with context.

Event tracking software integrate with your website and product to capture visitor activity and customer engagement. But, marketing automation software like Freshmarketer have the capability to intelligently track activity by user, and chronologically arrange their activity in a timeline to the relevant record in the software. So you can track events and manage your sales in one place.

Freshmarketer comes with built-in event tracking feature designed for your sales team to make the right call, and move leads through the sales funnel faster.

Know your web visitors

Your website is your customer’s first touchpoint with your business. The potential to know what a lead does on your website gives sales reps the opportunity to sell effectively. Freshmarketer integrates your account with your website, and captures information visitors submit on your web form and creates them as lead or contact in Freshmarketer. It tracks the pages they visited and how many times, and content downloaded in an activity timeline view. Sales reps can know when each action was performed right from the software. Segment activities by type to see specific actions, and start having meaningful conversations with your leads.

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Track user engagement

Website aside, understanding how users use your product help businesses continually improve features and services to match customer needs. It can help sales reps identify cross-sell opportunities and enhance engagement to increase brand stickiness. Freshmarketer also tracks in-app user interactions and logs them to their activity timeline in the marketing automation software. You can select a date range and see how users are engaging with your app. Get insights about customer engagement directly from Freshmarketer. You can also use events to configure predictive contact scoring to know your hot and cold leads.

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Filter by event and run campaigns

Organize customer data in your marketing automation software to plan your sales and marketing efforts. Segment contacts by business interactions to analyze customer behavior and personalize your efforts. For example, know who haven’t subscribed to your blog and run a “subscribe to blog” campaign targeted only at them. In Freshmarketer, you can filter your leads and contacts by events to know engagement groups. Perform bulk actions on a filtered group such as: email, assign, merge, and update field.

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