What is a real estate sales software?

Real estate sales software is a centralized system that solves the different challenges faced by real estate agents. It helps capture prospects, prepare quotes, manage transactions visually, right down to closing the sale. What’s more, a real estate sales software also allows agents to use mobile versions of the software to help them manage their contacts, transactions, and more on the move.

Features to look for when choosing a real estate sales software

Not every real estate sales software will suit your agency. So, it’s essential to choose the right one and have five essential features in mind when you’re choosing one for your agency:

Send targeted emails

You need to send target emails to existing customers, contacts, and prospective ones that visit your website. This allows you to get in touch with them at just the right time and understand their requirements better.

Mobile version of the software 

Real estate agents are on the move most of the time, and a mobile version of the real estate sales software can help them schedule meetings, take notes, update contacts, and stay on top of tasks without having to rely on a desktop computer.

Ability to instantly engage with prospects

Your agents need the functionality to immediately engage with prospects through live chat or get in touch with them directly through a built-in phone. 

Automate daily tasks

The real estate sales software has to automate everyday tasks like emails and follow-ups, sending invoices, and updating records.

Manage transactions

The real estate sales software should also have a visual pipeline to help agents manage transactions, get actionable insights such as sales forecasts, and information about which one is likely to close and not. 

Freshsales Real Estate Sales Software

Capture prospects with advanced web forms

Capture leads from your website as soon as they enter their information through web forms in one of two ways: smart or classic. Use the former to merge the form with an existing one or the latter to create one from scratch. This allows you to simply set up the web forms, capture prospects and all their information, such as data from social media profiles, profile pictures, and more. This saves you the trouble of entering each prospect’s information manually. 

fsa workflows fsa workflows

Send personalized emails with full context

Engage new contacts and existing ones with end-to-end email automation. Get access to email templates for just about every occasion, and automatically send them to your contacts at whichever stage of the journey they are in. If your prospects are taking a look at properties in specific locations or specific types of properties, track this activity and automatically send emails at the right time to help them further the process. 

email template screenshot new fsa email template screenshot new fsa

Schedule appointments and keep track of tasks on the field

Use a mobile version of the CRM that is every bit as powerful as its desktop counterpart. Freshsales for mobile offers both iOS and Android versions that completely syncs data wherever you are, allows you to take notes, written or voice, schedule appointments, get push notifications for reminders, book a cab, and even use the app offline.

image 3 01 image 3 01

Manage transactions with Pipeline Management 2.0

Manage all your transactions visually with Pipeline Management 2.0 from Freshsales. You can rename the “deals” module to call it “transactions” and maintain multiple pipelines for various transactions. You even get actionable insights on which transaction is likely to close, daily, weekly or quarterly forecasts, and get notified about the transactions that have been in the pipeline for a considerable amount of time. The best part is, you can add images of properties to every transaction in your pipeline that makes it easier for your agents to jump right in.

fsa deal pipeline fsa deal pipeline

Create and send invoices to buyers with ease 

Freshsales CRM comes with built-in CPQ (configure, price, quote) capabilities. You can create proposals or quotes with just a few clicks and share them with your clients. You also get access to real-estate-specific templates and get notifications whenever your clients open or work on a proposal. CPQ also makes it easier for you to maintain all your properties and updated prices in a single location. This saves your agents the trouble of forgetting or providing outdated ones. 

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