You can now configure Multiple Sales Pipelines in Freshsales!

Does your company cater to multiple markets or sell multiple products? Do your sales teams have different processes for each of these? If yes, you’ve picked the right CRM. We at Freshsales understand that growing businesses need bigger features – and that’s why we’ve introduced Multiple Sales Pipelines.

You can now configure multiple sales pipelines in Freshsales, each with a different set of deal stages!

Let’s say you have an Inbound sales team and an Outbound sales team. Each team would have a different process (i.e. sequence of stages) to follow in order to turn a potential customer into a paying one. Let’s have a look at how this feature helps you out.


How do I define my sales pipelines? (Sales ops and managers listen up!)

The pipeline configuration page can be found in the Admin Settings. Freshsales provides one default pipeline already set up. You can rename this to “Inbound”, and rename your stages accordingly as well. Similarly, create another pipeline for your Outbound team, and you’re good to go.

Alternatively, if you’re migrating your data from another CRM, and your uploaded zip file has the pipeline information, we will create all the pipelines and stages automatically and assign the deals.

Note: If your zip file does not have pipeline information, we will add all the deals to the default pipeline.


My company has an Inbound and Outbound pipeline, but I only work in Inbound sales. How do I choose my default sales pipeline?

Sales reps can choose the pipeline that’s most relevant to their team’s sales process. In your Profile Settings page, ensure that “My Pipeline” is set to the pipeline that your team uses, i.e., Inbound Pipeline. Once you’ve done this, all your deals will get created in the Inbound Pipeline and you can continue to use Freshsales exactly the way you were using it before.


How can I manage deals across multiple pipelines? (for sales managers)

If you’re a sales manager who is responsible for more than one pipeline, you can use this feature in two ways:

  • If you need to see the status of each sales pipeline separately, you can create a Custom View for each pipeline and switch between them in the deal funnel view
  • If you want a consolidated view of all the pipelines you manage, you can create a custom report and analyze your data in a table or chart view

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Applicable plans: This feature is available in the Garden Pricing Plan.

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