Deal Pipeline now Prioritizes Tasks and Appointments

Rebecca is a sales executive at She comes to work on a typical Monday morning, checks her to-do list and finds them overflowing with upcoming items. She then checks her calendar, and sees a week full of scheduled appointments lined up. A couple of notifications beep away on her phone about pending items from Friday. And then there is a ping from her manager asking the status of that promising prospect from last week! With a lot of tasks piled up, Rebecca doesn’t know where to start her week.

Sounds familiar?

Well, lucky for you, the Freshsales now has task and appointment management embedded right into the deal pipeline. Each deal card has an additional coloured icon to help you prioritize your next steps so you no longer have to navigate to a particular deal details page or view the My Tasks and Appointments dashboard.


Overdue Alert – Red


This icon tells you which residual tasks have spilled over from yesterday. You can mark it as done right from here, if you’ve completed the task. Or, you can edit the task and push it to a later date.

Scheduled Tasks or Appointments – Green


This icon shows you the upcoming tasks or appointments for the deal along with the due date.

No Tasks or Appointments – Yellow


This icon alerts you when you have no tasks or appointments scheduled for a particular deal. Freshsales reminds you to plan well in advance so that you don’t have to resort to firefighting at the last minute. Click the yellow icon and schedule your next steps on that important deal right from the pipeline.

Now, Rebecca comes to work in the morning and directly goes to her deal pipeline. One glance at the pipeline throws up the pending items in red. Once she is done with those, she looks at her deals in the Demo stage and notices a high-dollar deal with a yellow icon. She immediately creates a task to remind her to send a follow up in the next week. Now Rebecca can start her tasks for today with a clear mind.

Prioritisation simplified. Thanks to Freshsales.