Introducing advanced sales reports: discover insights across deal-account-contact data in a single report

We at Freshsales understand that the reporting needs of each sales team are unique. This is why our reports team is committed to offering higher levels of customizability with every update. Our latest addition is cross-object reporting. This will allow you to create reports that pull data from deals, accounts and contacts into a single table or chart!

Why do I need reports across deals, accounts and contacts?

Sales managers in any organization need to see the big picture to make important decisions. With cross-object reporting, you can now create a single report to connect the dots across all your data. This helps you answer important business questions like: 

  • In which industries are we closing the most?
  • How many accounts did we close this month and where are they?
  • Which of the opportunities in my pipeline are most active?


How do I get started with cross-object reporting?

You can get started in two ways:

    1. Creating a new report under Deals & Accounts or Deals & Contacts (as shown below), OR
    2. Trying out one of our templates and modifying them to suit your needs. We’ve provided the following templates for you to start using immediately:
      • New customers: List of customers that closed in the last 30 days
      • Sales by industry: Industry-wise breakup of sales
      • Hot deals: Deals in current pipeline which have the most active contacts
      • Lost deals – never contacted: Deals that were lost without any communication by your sales team

Do try out these reports and leave your feedback in the comments section below. And keep watching this space for more exciting updates on Freshsales reports!

Applicable plans: This feature is available in Garden, Estate and Forest pricing plans

Happy Selling!