How to Leverage Video for Sales

The recent outbreak of Coronavirus, COVID-19, has rattled businesses and disrupted the lives of people around the world. With individuals facing travel restrictions and with employees coming under quarantine, companies have had to resort to innovative measures to complement their sales efforts.

In the same vein, Freshworks has included the art of leveraging videos for sales to help companies overcome the issues they currently face.

To explore this topic further, we have Pete von Burchard, Vice-President of Sales and Customer Success at Wistia talking about how companies can leverage videos to aid their sales process. 



While remote sales are an effective strategy in situations like these, they come with a massive drawback – they make the sales process impersonal. All the correspondences are restricted to walls of text and courtesy emails, and honestly, do we even know if the prospect reads through the entirety of such emails?

In these circumstances, sales video can add a refreshing touch to a once-faded approach. It attempts at humanizing these interactions and talks more about the people and the faces behind the business, rather than the business itself. It is an excellent technique to replace face-to-face communication even if your prospect is miles away.

In this video, Pete talks about:

  •  Leveraging videos to build and foster relationships
  • Customizing videos to suit the buyer persona
  • Hacks to shoot videos without any expensive equipment or training
  • The different types of videos to aid in sales
  • Ways in which video can be used in the sales process, and
  • Measuring the success of videos

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