Give Your Sales Team a Productivity Boost with Workflow Automations

A major chunk of your sales team’s day is spent on following mundane tasks and keeping data in the sales CRM up to date. These tasks take the focus away from closing an actual deal and might result in a huge loss of sales opportunities.

With Workflow automation, you can now simplify these time-consuming tasks, boosting your team’s productivity and helping them manage each activity more efficiently.

Freshsales allows you to automatically update a field property based on any event trigger. For instance, you can automatically mark a contact’s status as ‘Prospect’ when a new deal is created, and change this status to ‘Customer’ when the deal is won. This automatically creates segments for you without any manual effort. You can use these segments for targeted campaigns.

Another common scenario would be to automatically update the lead stage to ‘Responded’ as soon as a lead sends an email to the agent. This allows the sales agents to filter the interested leads and close more deals. Read more on Deal Management.

Check out our Workflow automation and let us know what you think.

Applicable plans: This feature is available in the Garden Pricing Plan.

Knowledge base: How to configure workflow?,  Workflow use-cases 

Happy Selling!

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