How Freshmarketer is a better alternative to Growlytics

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Freshmarketer vs. Growlytics - A Snapshot

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Transactional emails
SMS and WhatsApp WhatsApp through 3rd party integration
Facebook messenger for conversations and bots
Facebook lead generation
Facebook social posting
Instagram In beta
Pre-built journeys
Performance reports
Shipping and order confirmation journeys
Live chat
Unified marketing, sales, and support view In Freshworks CRM

Note: Data as of April 2022


Why you should choose Freshmarketer over Growlytics

                     Note: Data as of April 2022

What more does Freshmarketer offer?


Effortless and powerful contact management

Freshmarketer helps you organize your contacts and their touchpoints in one place. It makes it effortlessly simple for your team to understand a contact’s journey at a glance.

Learn how you can know your contacts better 


Contact management - Freshmarketer Contact management - Freshmarketer

Multichannel marketing automation

Why settle for one channel when you can engage with shoppers on all the channels they’re active in? Freshmarketer makes multichannel marketing across email, chat, text, and WhatsApp refreshingly simple for you to manage and execute.

Growlytics on the other hand does not offer Whatsapp directly and have to integrate third-party tools. Freshmarketer provides WhatsApp as a part of the product itself.

  • Marketing journey builder: Drive round-the-clock engagement with workflows that will trigger email, chat, SMS, and WhatsApp messages based on pre-defined conditions. Scale your engagement with automated journeys that don’t require your team’s intervention.

  • Kick-off with playbooks: New to creating multichannel journeys? Freshmarketer comes with ready-made playbooks that cover different e-commerce use cases and help push your prospects towards checkouts

  • Live tracking: Assessing the impact of your marketing campaigns can help you identify messaging channels that are a hit and the messages that are a miss. Understand how your campaigns work by tracking your journey’s status in real-time.

Marketing journey builder - Freshmarketer Marketing journey builder - Freshmarketer

Build stunning landing pages

Landing pages are the best way to attract new customers, educate them about your brand and products, and nudge them into purchasing. That’s why it is essential to build responsive landing pages and create an engaging experience for your customers across all devices. 

Freshmarketer for your e-commerce stores comes with its own landing page builder. So, you can get started with highly professional landing pages, right away – you don’t require extensive coding or designing knowledge to take them to the market.

Pre-made templates: Start from scratch or choose from a library of templates to get started with a beautifully designed desktop and mobile responsive landing page.

Intuitive drag and drop editor: Customize the layout of your landing page with Freshmarketer’s easy-to-use drag and drop editor.

Create multi-step landing pages: Drive your prospects down your marketing funnel with multi-step landing pages and boost all that traffic to conversions.

Landing page builder Landing page builder

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