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Freshmarketer vs. Omnisend

Email Marketing
Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Add-on
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Note: Data as of April 2022


3 reasons why Freshmarketer is a better Omnisend alternative

                     Note: Data as of April 2022

What more does Freshmarketer offer?


Contact management

Freshmarketer enables you to track your communication with customers, unifies it in one place, and helps improve customer engagement. You can access features like:

  • Activity timeline: View customer interactions with your business such as website and email activities, and gain an understanding of their engagement with your brand
  • Customer segmentation: Segment your customers based on their demography, geography, and behavior to target the right set of customers and improve conversion opportunities from your marketing campaigns
  • Predictive contact scoring: AI-powered contact scoring identifies customer intent based on their behavior and assigns scores. Use the scores to identify high intent customers and tailor your campaigns to resonate with them


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Contact management in Freshmarketer Contact management in Freshmarketer

Email marketing

Emails can be opened at any time convenient to the buyer, and they are more non-intrusive than a popup, for example. About 73% of consumers say email is their preferred marketing channel, with newsletters and welcome emails topping the list of preferred media. 

You can use email campaigns to engage with your customers and turn them into repeat customers. Freshmarketer enables you to create welcome emails, send out promotional emails, and engage regularly using newsletters with ease using:

  • Email templates: Build emails from scratch effortlessly with the easy drag-and-drop editor or choose from our vast collection of templates
  • Timezone-based delivery: Freshmarketer automatically enriches your recipient’s time zone information based on their IP addresses and other factors. Optimize your emails to be sent at the right time
  • Send Time Optimization (STO): The AI assistant bot, Freddy, analyses the approximate open time of each recipient and delivers your email at a time they are most likely to see it, boosting your open and engagement rates
Email Management in Freshmarketer Email Management in Freshmarketer

Marketing journey builder

Boost engagement with your customers using automated yet hyper-targeted campaigns. Freshmarketer enables you to 

  • Create automated engagement across email, SMS, WhatsApp, and chat
  • Get started with ease using pre-built workflows specifically designed for e-commerce use cases 
  • Design custom automation based on an event on your Shopify store using Shopify-specific workflow elements
Marketing journey builder - Freshmarketer Marketing journey builder - Freshmarketer

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Leverage Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) to identify website bottlenecks and improve performance. Freshmarketer gives you insight into your customers’ website journey with:

  • Heatmaps: Set up heatmaps to monitor clicks on your website. Track your website visitors’ engagement level across different sections of the page, and optimize your calls-to-action (CTA) accordingly
  • Scroll maps: Use scroll maps to identify where the majority of your customers drop from the website and understand the sections you need to optimize with better content
  • Session replay: Record website sessions of all customers and replay them to understand how each of them interacts with your webpage and the products they are most interested in
  • A/B and split testing: Create different variants of important web pages and identify the version that converts better
group 10 group 10

Additionally, you can also create polls from within the system to get your customers’ feedback on your product and plug it into their contact information for a holistic view.

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Data and security 

Freshmarketer adds a layer of security by allowing admin privileges such as

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