How to use Freshcaller inside your Freshsales account

Every sales opportunity thrives on the element of empathy, communication and trust. With a phone call, you can say the right words in the right tone to connect with your prospects instantly and build a sense of trust and warmth as against any other channel of communication. With the Freshcaller-Freshsales integration you can do all this and so much more with ease.


Freshcaller Freshsales integration

What does your sales team gain out of this integration?

Phone sales is one of the most effective ways of getting in touch with a prospect, nurturing them, striking a personal connection, and winning them over eventually. When there is so much that a business phone call can help a sales rep do, it’s just matter of how well they use this CRM phone integration to sell better. And to use this integration to its best, let’s understand its benefits to begin with.

Get in touch with qualified prospects

“Dear Sales rep, there’s a difference between knowing the path and walking the path.” - The Matrix

In general, the number of prospects that get converted into deals is pretty lean despite making a thousand calls a day. And often, this trend can be attributed to the quality of leads that an agent interacts with. And a phone call is a great way to know if your prospect is a hot lead (qualified) or not. When a prospect agrees to get on a call and spend quality time to understand your product, the probability of being able to convert them is higher. It’s important to make every phone call count and make the most out it. Now with an integrated phone-CRM system in place, you can proactively use the best of both worlds—auto enrichment from Freshsales and ace the phone call making a kick-ass first impression with your prospect.

Lead those calls to see the light with call masking

“Beneath this mask there is more than a call, Beneath this mask there is a solution, Mr. Head of Sales, and our solutions are bulletproof.” - V for Vendetta

But to show your prospect that you’ve a fitting solution, you need to at the very least get them to answer your call. While most sales calls are ignored as spam, by masking our number with a local legit number, you can increase your chances of being answered. Also, you can mask all your sales numbers with a common vanity number for your brand so that whenever anyone from your sales team calls a prospect they immediately recognize where the call is from.

Win your leads over with contextual follow-up

“A sale is made on every call you make. Either you sell your client the product or your client sells you a reason why he can’t.” - Broiler Room

So, while you have the choice, make every call count by following up with your prospect and build that level of credibility for them to take your deal. With the Freshcaller widget’s Recent Activities feature, you have a better possibility of making a sale. This way you can have enough context to start the conversation right from where you left it last time. Also, you can save the prospect from having to repeat their previous conversations by referring to the call notes and call recording of the previous calls all by yourself. And all these features can be accessed from within the comfort of the Freshcaller widget inside Freshsales.

Keep your whole team equipped with the right information

“Give a girl the right shoes. And she can conquer the world.” - Marilyn Monroe 💃

Working as a team involves having to step up and handle some of your colleagues’ sales calls once in a while. As much as it’s in good faith that you agree to follow up with your colleague’s prospect, going unprepared for the call is going to reflect poorly on your business. Having access to all the right details of the prospect’s call history—call recordings and call notes— can help you ace through the call. Also, with this integration at hand, all your sales reps can work in perfect accord with the best practices and access to all conversations from a single database. They can learn from their colleagues’ calls and ramp up easily. Even if someone outside your sales team needs to be looped in, you can export and share the relevant call log and recordings.

Freshcaller from within Freshsales — how to make the most out of this CRM-phone integration

Recent activities

Refer the recent activities of a lead you are calling from within the Freshcaller widget. This way you can get a clear context on how to take the conversation further.

Recent calls

With the three most recent calls listed right within the Freshcaller widget inside Freshsales, you can connect with your recently contacted prospects in just one click.

Call metrics reports

Improve your phone call experience and learn to get better at it with the insights from the phone call reports on metrics like hold time, handle time, etc.

Call notes

While on a call, note down all the important details that would help you or your colleagues to have most effective follow ups and increase the chances of winning your prospects over.

Add tasks & appointments

With too many calls to handle everyday, scheduling a follow-up task or appointment right after every phone call is the best to never miss out on your promise of a demo or follow-up.

Call logs

Every important detail of your call right from the recording, notes, handle time, answering speed, etc. can be accessed from a single screen.

Integration with in-house software vs third party software

Almost every growing business comes to a point where two paths diverge— what to opt for? Wait for an in-house integration or manage with a third party integration. While both have their own points of difference, weighing all their pros and cons gave us some insights.

In-house software
Third party software
Smoothly synced data

Data is of no use when it’s found lying around as non-cohesive bits. With an in-house software though, making sense of all CRM and call center-related data that is synced in a single system is easy. This way your business will have better control over all important business data and can see the bigger picture.

Siloed in terms of useful data

Being an entirely external environment, a third-party app would have no context of what data is important and useful to you. This might leave you siloed and clueless when trying to make sense of the way your data is processed by them. This tends to create an information gap between the two systems.

Reasonably priced

Given that the software is from a brand that you are already a customer with, you tend to enjoy the benefits of loyalty and some cost-cutting bundled plans. This way you needn’t spend extra on top of your regular plans.

Makes you spend a lot

A third party software tends to demand a pretty heavy price for every additional sales rep using the integration. This recurring cost in terms of implementation is a huge bottleneck as your business expands and team grows

Data is within your reach

With an in-house software, collecting customer data and user patterns becomes simple and flexible. With this data, one can strategize business growth plans, spruce up your customer loyalty programs and set-up targeted marketing campaigns.

Data might be tough to access

The data in this case resides between entirely different business systems and requires you to go through a series of regulations and security protocols before you get to access your data. This tends to tie down your control thus delaying your data dependent plans and operations.

Reliable and familiar support

Support is key to any service. With an in-house software you can be sure about the quality of support that the brand would offer. If you can’t get help when you need it most, it can sometimes turn to be a deal breaker for your business.

Has the risk of unreliable support

Since you’re new to associate with a third party brand, there is a certain risk of being victim to their shoddy support. This could affect you big in aspects of long downtimes when there is no one to respond to your queries.

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